Your Baby’s Dream Never Stops With Pampers


An enchanting new animated spot from Serviceplan Korea and Ukraine for Pampers Korea takes viewer into the dream World of a Baby: “Your Baby’s Dream Never Stops with Pampers.“

Seoul, 31 July 2019 – A unique animated ad for Pampers from Serviceplan Korea, inspired by the fact that Pampers is known in Korean as ‘Night Diaper’, has been launched online in Korea.  The animation shows a baby’s dream where he goes on an adventure in a boat made from his cot, all the while sleeping comfortably wearing a Pampers diaper in his Mother’s arms.  

Sleeping well is extremely important for a baby to grow healthy and happy, and Pampers provide babies with the comfort to enable good sleep. The vision of the spot is to show the emotional benefit of Pampers, and appeal to Millennial Mum’s by strengthening the bonding experience and exploring the dreamscape of a baby.

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