MediaMarkt is the Best Retail Hi-Fi Electro Brand.

Discover what Yannick De Bièvre, Head of Marketing, has to say about being Best Retail Hi-Fi Electro Brand and how they achieved the highest score on the Awareness Factor in their sector.

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How will you keep your first place in 2021?

Yannick De Bièvre:
It’s in our DNA at MediaMarkt to always grow and be better. So the fact that we won this prize encourages us even more to hold onto our position and improve in the coming year. We have a strong year behind us, in spite of the circumstances, and we have set ourselves some ambitious targets to continue our positive evolution in the year to come. There are a lot of elements in which we continually invest, such as our omnichannel experience - letting the logistics flow better – as well as in the modernisation of our stores and the training of our employees. Those small elements combined ensure we become better and better each year.

The Best Brands study combines emotional (Share of Soul) and rational (Share of Wallet) factors. Which factors are most important to you?

From my point of view as a marketeer, I would say the emotional, because the client is always the most important factor. But the truth is that, in order to keep your business growing, you need to invest in both factors. So, a strong combination of both factors is crucial, one can’t exclude the other.

In its sector, MediaMarkt has the highest score for the Awareness factor, but lags behind for most of the other Share of Soul parameters. What will you implement to improve the MediaMarkt experience?

The strength of lies in the fact that they sell all kinds of products, so they have a lot of potential to be considered for the purchase of products other than electronics. At MediaMarkt, where we only sell electronics, it’s our ambition to continue to make the UX as simple as possible. We consider it important to make the process of choosing and ordering as fast and easy as possible for the customer.

Have consumers’ expectations changed in the past year and how is MediaMarkt adapting to these new expectations?

Yannick: The clients know better than ever what, when and where they want something, and they want it at the best possible price of course. The biggest change lies in the fact that today they are better informed and can easily compare a product’s specifics and price at various retailers. The consumer changes and so do we as retailers. We listen to them and adapt to what is important for them.

One example of this adaptation is that most people choose to retrieve the article in the store after they have ordered it online, and we can make it available to them in max. 15 min. So, speed is key at MediaMarkt and we’ve put everything into place to ensure that the customer can retrieve his or her order as quickly as possible.

“The consumer changes and so do we as retailers. We listen to them and adapt to what is important for them.”

Yannick De Bièvre

Let’s talk about sustainability. You have set up a partnership with Luminus, Greenfix. Is it in your ambitions to be a sustainable player?

Sustainability is a very important topic at MediaMarkt, not only because of our partnerships, but also internally.

We take a lot of initiatives, such as delivering by bicycle and using electrical vehicles. We also sell products that we have had returned at a lower price, so that they don’t have to be destroyed. We’re investing in sustainability in many areas and the objective is always this one: how can MediaMarkt exist long into the future in a better and cleaner world?

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