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Define clear KPIs

KPI definition is key to achieve a successful campaign. To be effective, the optimization of every stage of the campaign must be directed by a unique KPI objective to focus on. Performance goal strategies will be evaluated by cost metrics
(CPA, CPC, CPCV) in contrast to a campaign with an awareness objective, for example. Branding campaigns should be evaluated by rate metrics such as CTR, VTR, Viewability or GRP.

Try new things

New things are always hard to try due to fear of not reaching the expected performance results, but innovation is crucial to grow as a brand and keeping up with the trends.
Formats, platforms, content and technology are always evolving, in that way we have to constantly rethink our media touchpoints and strategies: for example, audio and digital OOH are emerging now and although some advertisers are already seeing good results, some are still wondering if it’s the best way to reach their audiences.

Data & contextual

Behavioral and contextual targeting are the two main strategies in programmatic buying. How to decide which audience targeting option would be most effective for your campaign? If your campaign has a very specific audience, make use of data (first party, third party, lookalikes). However, if your audience can be broad but content and interests are essential for you, use keywords to match your ad to the context.
Here are the best tips to define which one is best for your campaign:

  • If you think of content = use keywords
  • If you think of audience = use data
Safae el ahmadi
Programmatic Advertising Specialist

Be more user friendly

We have more and more ads on websites and we want to stand out from the crowd.
However, it is important to not disturb the consumer’s experience. The reason why an increasing number of people are using adblocks is because  the ads either aren’t relevant for them or are perceived as intrusive.
Here, format will be your best friend and Native your solution. Native ads bypass adblockers and have the power to be more integrated to the content of the page, therefore less intrusive and more efficient.

Alice Lee
Head or programmatic
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