Serviceplan heads to sunny dubai For the Uber creativity summit

Our creative directors Benoit Vancauwenberghe and Quentin Watelet took a plane to the Arabian desert to talk about all of Serviceplan Group’s latest news and upcoming projects during Dubaï’s Über Creativity Summit.

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Its Uber Creativity Summit. This is an event hosted by Serviceplan Group and held every six months in a different city where a Serviceplan agency is implemented. Previously, the two summits took place respectively in Warsaw and Berlin. This time, it was Dubai’s turn.
The event is attended by all of the Group’s creative directors who come together to discuss what has happened at each country’s agency during the six previous months and what is to come for the six next ones.
It’s an opportunity for each team to present their agency’s work and new talents and to receive advice and feedback from the other partners.
Of course, the Group’s two main creative directors, Alex Schill and Jason Romeyko, are also present to talk more about the company’s vision and ambitions for the months to come.

The summit lasted three full days and was dedicated to various topics.
Benoit Vancauwenberghe, creative director at Serviceplan Brussels, tells us more…

After a 7-hour journey, our two creative directors
Benoit Vancauwenberghe and Quentin Watelet
were welcomed at their hotel and invited to visit the newly inaugurated Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi. “This museum is truly amazing,” says Benoit. “It’s incredibly well lit thanks to the natural light provided by the UAE’s powerful sun. It’s different from the Louvre in Paris because the collection is organized by time period rather than per civilization. This makes the museum very
interesting because you can compare each society and notice how advanced the Egyptians were in comparison to Europe for example. ”At night, all the creative directors joined at the foot of the imposing Burj Khalifa tower to have dinner, exchange thoughts and meet the Group’s
new creative directors.

The following day, each Serviceplan agency had the opportunity to show the work they had done during the 6 past months, while receiving feedback and answering questions from the other partners.

“This process was interesting, especially when an agency from another country has the same client as we have. We can exchange our ideas, our philosophies, our strategies and the angle we chose to communicate during our campaigns,” says Benoit.

The next morning’s session was about festivals around the world where Serviceplan Group was going to be present. The creatives took a look at what had been done by the Group and their competitors at Cannes and Eurobest, while developing their own strategy for the upcoming festivals.

During the afternoon, the creatives talked about diversity throughout the Group.

“Diversity is an important matter to us,” says Benoit. “Today, it’s very apparent that there is a lack of female recruits throughout the advertising world and we must absolutely counter this problem. We talked about how to recruit more women to be creatives because the fact that there are so few is a significant weakness for the marketing world.”

Finally, the creatives teamed up in groups of four and worked on a briefing that Serviceplan Dubaï received from Mini. The objective was to find ideas to sell the new Mini. “It was challenging because in a city surrounded by desert, most inhabitants will choose to drive a 4x4,” says Benoit. “Still, in less than two hours, we came up with more than 30 ideas that we were able to pitch to the client.”

So was this summit a success?
“Honestly, the Über Creativity Summits are always a success and this one certainly wasn’t an exception to the rule,” says Benoit. “Thanks to Dubaï’s summit, we are up to date about everything that is going on at our offices overseas and we were able to meet in person with the partners we work most closely with. We also received interesting insights about foreign Serviceplan agencies’ ways of thinking, which in turn gave us more ideas about how to improve our own work.”

If you’re interested in knowing what our creative directors have learned at this summit (such as the current digital tendencies, the others partners’ work, etc.), don’t hesitate in contacting us at to organize a creative lunch at your earliest convenience.
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