Serviceplan and Flandria support local fruit and vegetable production

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Local farmers are strongly affected by the current health crisis. Restaurants are closed, consumers stock up on preservatives and the export business is uncertain for the foreseeable future. Those circumstances, in combination with the start of the harvesting season, are causing a bigger supply of produce and, as a result of supply and demand, unstable prices. Therefore, Serviceplan and Flandria decided to support our local heroes.

For this joint effort, the House of Communication really came together as one. Serviceplan provided creative ideas and produced the assets. Mediaplus covered the offline media buying, creating visibility on three major national TV networks, as well as online media buying on Facebook. Mediascale joined in to cover media buying on Youtube. Together, we were able to reclaim a prominent position for fresh, local produce in the daily life of every consumer.

Contact: Nancy Delhalle
+32 (0)488 288 361

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