Relevance is the key to become a best brand, even more so in corona times.


Step by step, we’re going back to our offices and our business progressively returns to normal, where we left it mid-March… or does it? Well, at Serviceplan Belgium we have conducted during 8 weeks in a row a consumer barometer, which we called “Corona Tracking”, following the adapted behaviour of the Belgian consumer as a result of the “lockdown” and the Corona-crisis in general. On the 4th of June, we hosted a digital live-session about the results of this Corona Tracking, with interventions of our data-analysts from Mediascale, the famous and well-known ‘change agent’ and international keynote speaker Joseph Jaffe, and our own clients from Weight Watchers and Shell.

What did we learn from this live-session?

First of all, we learned that our own interaction with clients and potential clients shifted from the event-arena to the digital space. This is typically the kind of presentations we would have done pre-Corona,

in the format of a small event, a breakfast-session, a lunch-break or an after-office party at the House of Communication. In 3 months’ time we all have become the masters of Teams presentations, ZOOM conferences or live-sessions on Facebook or other social media platforms. Darwin was right: we are fast adapting species, and I don’t want to go too much into detail about what our new Darwin-teacher, Mister Harari, is thinking about this whole Corona-crisis….Anyway, we learn fast and we adapt ourselves, our lives and our businesses.

Secondly, we learned that consumer behaviour changes, given the context. Of course, we focus more on brands, products and services that can be delivered and consumed at home. It’s only logical, isn’t it? Good intuitive strategic planners don’t need exhaustive surveys for that! And for FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), the gladiator-arena has been more than ever the shop floor of the supermarket. The only place where we consumers could be “free” was the supermarket, which became the playground of these FMCG-brands. Did this situation give more power to the already powerful distribution and retailer brands? Have they won even more territory over the FMCG brands, which were already under pressure from the private labels of these large retail players?

Thirdly, e-commerce is definitely business-fähig. Where some of you still doubted whether you had to digitally transform parts or the whole of your business… Well, Corona made you shift to the other side. Some businesses even saw e-commerce as the only way of surviving throughout the Corona-crisis…

Last but not least, brands have learned that to in order to stick with their target audiences, they have to continue to communicate, even in a big economic crisis like this one. But how? More than ever, brands need to convey an authentic message, in line with their purpose and with the reason why they exist. In this way, the consumer can decide, in a trustful way, if the values of the brands correspond with his or her own values. Relevance is the key to success to become a best brand, even more so in Corona times.  

Want to know more about all of these consumer insights? Ask us for the results and we’ll gladly make an appointment!

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