Proximus:  Best telecom operator brand

Proximus is the clear leader among telecom operators with the highest scores on Share of Soul and Share of Market and wins the Best Telecom Operators Brand award. Telenet takes the second place with the second highest Share of Soul and Share of Market and Orange comes third.

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Proximus is the largest of Belgium’s three mobile telecommunications companies (in front of Orange Belgium and Telenet) and is the leading provider of network-based telephony, Internet, television and ICT in the country. The brand transforms technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, the cloud and security into solutions that have a positive impact on people and society. Aurélie Denayer, Director CBU Branding and Communication at Proximus, tells us more about how Proximus managed to become Best Telecom Operators Brand of 2019.

The Best Brands study shows that Telenet’s results are close to those of Proximus. How do you intend to maintain your leadership?
Our ambition is to become the reference incumbent operator in Europe. We want to be relevant and attractive to our customers with tailor-made solutions and build the best infrastructure thanks to Fibre, 5G and a superior WIFI experience.

We want to become the preferred digital service provider for Belgians in their daily lives. For example, through our new Pickx platform that reinvents the TV experience by offering innovative and personalized content on all screens to consumers.

On the other hand, as a “leader” and above all as a major player in the Belgian economy, we want to strengthen our commitment to climate issues and to digital education. We were one of the first operators in Europe to be carbon neutral and we are further pursuing our efforts and initiatives in favour of a sustainable and inclusive society in the face of the digital divide.

What innovations are planned in the near future?

After the recent launches (e.g. the Epic offer for young people; PickX, the new TV experience; or the launch of the ‘Proximus Accelerators’, a collaborative partnership to support the digital transformation of businesses) we will continue our tradition of innovation… which consumers will discover (very) soon.

What is the core business of telecom operators today?

Remaining relevant to our residential and business customers. In the digital age, responding to their changing needs, such as media and audiovisual consumption habits that have fundamentally changed or the need to accelerate the digital transformation of businesses. This disruptive context in which we operate is leading us to fundamentally reinvent ourselves and offer new digital solutions.

What does being a Best Brand mean to you?

It’s a very positive signal from our clients who have chosen us and trust us. Today the customer experience is crucial for the future and the sustainability of brands and our ambition is for every customer to become an ambassador for our brand. To do this, we must adapt, take the constant pulse of the customer experience and adopt a clear positioning in a hyper-competitive market.  We have recently changed our positioning to respond to these changes. We want to open up a world of digital possibilities for people to work better and more efficiently. A promise translated in our “Think Possible” baseline. The result of this study is one of the encouraging signs of the turning point we have made.

What are the main issues in your sector today?

The sector is experiencing a turning point in terms of digitalisation, very competitive market conditions at Belgian and international level, particularly in the face of the GAFA, changing standards of customer expectations, a stagnating telecommunications market (despite the growing demand for connectivity) and heavy regulation. In this context, reconciling the need for massive investments and the customers’ desire for high connectivity and new services at competitive prices are our main challenges.

What will be the impact of the new generations on your brand?

This impact is enormous, as it is for all brands at the moment. Young people are obviously the future of our brand and have “digital natives” behaviours that translate into specific needs and expectations regarding our digital services. They are also in strong demand for commitment and authenticity from the brands. In this context, we have developed the Epic offer, a specific approach created by and with these young people focused on their expectations in terms of voice, data and internet, but also their interests and specific content such as cloud gaming in partnership with Shadow in particular. In addition, the integration of the Fairphone in our offers starting in March.

What do you plan to do to keep your position as a Best Brand?

We will continue our efforts to convince, satisfy and retain our customers. Through our products and services, we want to open up a world of digital possibilities for people to live better and work more efficiently. As a market leader, we want to realize this ambition in the products and services we develop and in the interactions with our customers. Finally, trust in a local player is a key asset to maintain our position. Thanks to its technology and network, Proximus wants to enable everyone to enter the digital world by being a responsible player that works to prepare the Belgian population for the future.

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