User profiles

This includes easily gathered data from any social network, such as the gender, age, location, professional status, and the interest of your followers and the people that engage with your content. Keeping an eye on this will allow you to know the extent to which the age of your target evolves, the share between men and women in your target and whether they match the audience you are trying to target with your marketing efforts, thus allowing you to readapt those.

Brand mentions

These are the mentions of your brand or products on social media. Brand mentions represent a wealth of information ready to be mined which will allow you to better know the needs and wants of your customers in order to better answer to these. Simply type the name of your brand or one of your products in the search bar of the social media on which your brand is active and keep your eyes peeled.

Top fans

These consist of your armada of customers that engage the most with your brand and content or influential people that have to come to mention your brand at some point. Knowing them will allow you to retain them, create customer loyalty, and turn them into ambassadors to attract new customers.

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