If you have celebrated it, maybe you are already too old!

“Anyway I'm way better alone!” your best friend should have said. On your side, you may have said that “this is only marketing!”. Maybe,you went to the restaurant, got flowers and chocolate, a beautiful gift… or just nothing - because your dear lover does not really care about it.

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If you have celebrated it, maybe you are already too old! Indeed, only 20% of millennials celebrate Valentine's Day these days. The first reason for young people is simply the fact that they are single. Nothing is wrong so far. But, instead of going to the restaurant with plenty of other couples, they prefer to share quality moments with their partners in the warmth of their own home, adding a little humorous note that will make them smile, for example by cooking with heart-shaped gnocchi. It’s simple, cheap but works great. Young people also attach much less importance to that day than their elders do. Infact, it doesn't matter whether it's February 14 or not, they will go on a romantic weekend a week or even a month later. Some of the 18-30 years old certainly do not hesitate to affirm their sexuality in their relationship. One person in 10 takes advantage of the opportunity to buy sexobjects or test new “areas of interest”. However, it should be noted that the classic gift of flowers is still popular with young and old people.This is not just limited to the youth: most of the 20-35 years old find this romantic day outdated. For singles, Valentine's Day is also an opportunity to see each other between friends. Even though few young people officially take part in Valentine's Day, we can still say that they celebrate it. It's no longer a question of going out in agreat Michelin-starred restaurant or a weekend in Paris, but of taking time for oneself and one's partner.

Funfact#1: we don't really know how this celebration has come to life. Legend hasit that someone wrote a love letter signed "Valentine" before he wasbeheaded on February 14… Isn’t that romantic?

Fun fact#2: In Estonia,Valentine's Day is not a celebration of lovers, but a celebration offriendship.

Fun fact#3:The great Pastry Chef Marcolini opened 130 pop-up stores in Japan during thislove period. The reason? Chocolate is the basis of Valentine's Day. Women offerchocolates to the man of their heart.

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