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(Good) Advertising for youngster?

Let’s start at the end because we must practise what we preach. No need to wait until the end of the article to grasp the main idea. To make a good ad targeted to the newer generations, the message has to be authentic above all. Authentic means being original, true, genuine, unique, have personality, be respectful, be courageous, and trustworthy.

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Ask the expert

After well deserved holidays, September means back to business. Especially for Serviceplan Group Benelux this means a real new start of our fiscal year, full of challenges.

Nancy Delhalle


A word from our CEO

Edition 1

The re-start of the business year, back to business, is already a couple of weeks behind us. Clients are thinking about their plans for next year.
In general, we feel the phantom of an upcoming world wide recession and more specifically we notice the change in our own industry.

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