From direction to connection, from creativity to übercreativity

Jason Romeyko is the worldwide executive creative director of Serviceplan Group. This Thursday 4/6, he’ll join us during the live streaming of our inquiry about the impact of Covid-19 on the Belgian consumers, which you can follow at 15:00 on our website or our facebook page.
Here’s a little taste of what he’ll talk about next Thursday…

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From Direction To Connection, From Creativity To ÜberCreativity

When this crisis began I realised overnight my role had suddenly changed from being a creative director to a worldwide creative connector. Bringing together the best minds of our company to solve Covid-related problems as quickly as possible for both us and our clients. The whole experience became rather personal as I found myself going into the homes of my colleagues making sure they stayed buoyant and linked to the outside world while all the time tirelessly generating exceptional ideas.

Simply imagine when our friends need reassurance or a kind word, and we turn away from them, they lose respect and trust in the relationship. Therefore, the same could be said for a consumer’s relationship to brands and services if there were suddenly a pause in contact. Additionally, on a daily basis I found myself encouraging clients to stay in touch with their consumers. In times of crisis, customers never think of the savings to your budgets. However, they do recall if you were there for them and how you made them feel- whether that emotion is the warmth of a powerful virtual hug or a belly laugh.

With Corona- fatigue already a thing after two weeks of lockdown, it was clear that brands simply saying “we are there for you” wouldn’t stand out. There are certainly different ways to be there for people. When things aren’t going great, the safest bet is to deliver joy.

That’s why now, if any of us have the chance,we should be creating communication which delivers a cheeky giggle and a break from the news of viruses, unemployment and recession. That does not mean we should be flippant. It is nice, though, when brands use their muscle to cheer people up.

Over the coming months, whatever the challenges Corona throws at us, it is clear we will not solve these issues by traditional creativity alone. To communicate effectively we will need to use the full power of ÜberCreativity- surprising innovations resulting from different disciplines, talents, cultures, media and technologies which collaborate and interplay. We need to look for solutions which break through the grind of our audience. We must use everything at our disposal to talk to people in different, exciting ways, relevant to the screen on which we are viewed.

Livestream Covid-19 & the consumers: what happens now?

As we now leave our home confinement, businesses are slowly reopening. So, I am not a fan of this phrase “new normal”. To many, including myself, “normal” has been a problem in the past. Who wants to live in a world where you always have to meet other people’s standards. With our fresh economic challenges “normal” isn’t a respectful direction. Therefore, I prefer to think of us now striking our individual “new balance”- a level of life that is right for every person whatever their heart desires.   I think that with ÜberCreativity we can achieve a new balance where people can have as little or as much of something as they like. A mix of media and consumption that is unique to them. A balance all of their own which will make their lives fulfilled and prosperous in the future.

Curious for more?

Join us, Joseph Jaffe and Jason Romeyko on Thursday 4/06 at 15:00 on any of our SoMe channels, when we’ll live stream the results of our global inquiry about the impact of Covid-19 on the Belgian consumers.

We’ll welcome various guests who’ll share their insights with us, including Joseph who’ll host his webinar intitled “Preparing for the next crisis… Yes, the next one!”

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