Edition 1

After well-deserved holidays, September means back to business.
Especially for Serviceplan Group Benelux this means a new start of our fiscal year that is full of challenges. Last fiscal year (July 2018/June 2019) was a successful year full of new things.

Almost a year ago, we welcomed 20Something in our House of Communication in Brussels. Next to the fact that culturally both agencies knew a good fit, 20Something brought extra sparkles to the House, directly linked up with their core expertise: youngster marketing & Millennials.

Especially their unique concept of creating an agency within the agency, run by millennials themselves, gave extra dynamics but added real value to our building best brands philosophy.We also completed our House of Communication in Amsterdam, with the
creation of Mediaplus Nederland, our fully fledged media agency. And with eminent success, Hornbach, one of the biggest retailers in the DIY business joined us as our first client.

Talking about Best Brands, last March, we organised our 4th edition of our Best Brands Awards. In order to show to the Belgian advertisers that our beloved event is more than an award show, we invited them to a deep dive in the Best Brands workshops, giving them insights on their brand’s behaviour and perception of Belgian consumers. Interested? Bookings are still open.

Back to the future. In the meantime, everybody knows that our industry changed a lot. Our clients are, more than ever, faced with problems and opportunities that can no longer be tackled by simple advertising solutions from the past.

In this way, all advertising agencies of the Serviceplan Group have become real business partners to our clients. Business partners means taking our clients by the hand and leading them into disciplines that are not their daily business or normal cup of tea. Data is the new oil, big data is uncontrollable, data is evil for consumer privacy, you know the drill. It is our task and obligation to take the lead in this domain and educate our clients what to do with their data, how to manage and organise it, and how to take advantage to make the difference with the competition. Well-managed data leads to better insights and to better marketing and communication decisions.

That’s why we are launching in October our House of Data event. House of Data is packaged in the form of five short workshops on the most relevant data topics linked with marketing, communications, and brand building. Don’t forget to register.In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy reading this first edition of our newsletter and I wish you good luck with your Best Brand.

Peter Vande Graveele
CEO Serviceplan Group Benelux
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