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This month, the House of Communication finds itself under the astrological signs of data and gastronomical cuisine with its latest initiative: House of Data. As a wise man once said, “the best business meetings take place around a table over food”. We took his word for it and thisis exactly how House of Data came to see the light of day. Simply put, these are a series of 5 exclusive keynotes sprinkled with the mouth-watering four-coursemeal of decorated chef Burtonboy.

These keynote lunches cover a different topic per lunch, based on the use and the interaction of data throughout the various stages of the marketing funnel.

On the 11th of October 2019, the first House of Data keynote lunch took place around the theme of Data & Brand Awareness. Our first guest, Sergio Borzillo who is the Head of Digital Integration at Mediaplus International took us on a convincing journey to show us that data is what brings creativity and media together. This little trip to memory lane showed us how data helped with the transition from mass targeting to hyper targeting. The result of this significant shift was that it influenced consumer behaviour making consumers around the world more demanding and difficult to satisfy. In turn, this led to branding and performance being completely separated within companies when this shouldn’t be the case. We shouldn’t increase ROI at the expense of awareness and vice versa.

This is where data comes into play. Precisely we should leverage data in the awareness stage to be both reactive and proactive. The former will allow us to understand and fulfill a need that consumers have expressed and that has been detected though an intelligent data and analytics process, while the latter will enable us to identify potential upcoming trends and anticipate those needs consumers do not know they will have soon. Companies still believe that embracing data in all stages of the funnel is a nice to have when in reality this should be a necessity. Nevertheless, this requires a significant shift in the way a business operates, such having various teams and departments working together. Is your organisation ready to embrace the cultural shift needed to leverage the power of data? Do you have the right tech infrastructure in place? Do you have the right competences in house? And if not, do you have a reliable partner which allows you to make sense out of the data you gather? If you want to know more about the subject of data throughout the marketing funnel, well you’re lucky! We still have few keynote lunches to go. If you ever want to deep dive even further in one of the subjects, it will be our pleasure to book a tailor-made workshop for all of your data needs.

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