A wigwam is a semi-permanent domed hut, in the same vein as a teepee, used by Native American tribes. In the Houses of Communication across the world, however, we use this word to refer to a massive brainstorm where various creative teams are gathered with the aim of answering a common brief. A wigwam usually starts with a strategic planner briefing all of the creative teams,telling them all there is to know about the client that has given this brief.

Once this is done and everyone is up to speed, the real fun starts. The teams are sent out to brainstorm for rounds of 30 minutes and come back with two to three ideas. Every round is guided by a specific insight, which simply put, are observations that can be turned into communication opportunities for the brand.Once the teams have presented their ideas, the entire wigwam team votes on their favourite ones. The strategist then presents the next insight the teams will be working and so forth.

Here are three advantages of a Wigwam:

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