Edition 2

The re-start of the business year, back to business, is already a couple of weeks behind us. Clients are thinking about their plans for next year.
In general, we feel the phantom of an upcoming world wide recession and more specifically we notice the change in our own industry.

Advertisers' needs are changing and as an agency group we can feel this in the clients' briefings. Until recently we were traditionally hopping from one campaign to the other. Today the focus has shifted to creating "always on relevant content" that shapes and builds the brand. Content has become the new advertising. The only thing about this turnaround is that creating content is a continuous business and is a different business then the creative orgasms that were produced to win CannesLions (or other creative prices) and to still our clients’ hunger for viral and“headline news”-campaigns. That was the agency reality until today, resulting in a classical well known agency set-up.

Creating relevant content requires not only other skills and professions from agencies (and read 'different people'), it also needs a constant focus on the brand's business KPI's and profound knowledge of the brand and its customers. Knowing your customer means that you have to be in the heads of the modern consumer and that you have to target those who are relevant for your brand and vice versa (meaning "and for whom your brand is relevant"). Target audiences are no longer monolithic static groups of people, but like in modern war-faring, the target is dynamic and agile and you need to re-target continuously, that's what we call optimising in modern advertising-slang.  

This is the point where the notion of data comes in. We just had – on October 11th- our first edition of our House-of-Data lunches for our customers and potential clients, focussing on "Data & Brand Awareness". The presentation, by the hand of our HQ's Head of Digital Integration, Sergio Borzillo, stated roughly that in the 80's and 90's we all (agencies and advertisers) focussed on Mass Media. One message was torpedoed (broadcasted) at a mass target audience and we hoped to have promoted the brand to a maximum number of people. With the rise of digital in our industry, beginning of theYears 2000, we all embraced the "performance" modus in our way of doing campaigns. The result of that was over-emphasizing the Holy Grail which is called "Return On Investment" with a second result that fell into bad habits of over-segmenting and over-targeting. The result was that we had a bigger return on investment, but the business was scattered only over numerous micro-targets of whom we knew that these were super ready to buy the product or services…And what about Steve Jobs, triggering Consumer Demand with innovative products?  

The whole magic of modern brand building is of course to find a good balance in traditional brand building where"triggering consumer demand" still has its place - but nowadays through relevant content making the brand more authentic and on the other side a philosophy of "performance marketing", introducing the use of KPI's when creating and optimising the advertising work for Brands. Intelligent brand-building works on the crossroad of creativity and media. Taking into account the magic of relevant touchpoints from the start of the process, when we are creating content for brands. Funny enough, in the middle of the road,between creativity and media, is this precious stone lying, called data, but uncut and unoptimized. A rough diamond. Those advertisers who will choose the right partners, to leverage on their own "rough Diamant", their own data-lake, will be able to leverage the right result out of relevant content brought on the right moment, at the right place, to the right people. Our concept of integration, the House ofCommunication, where creativity, technology, and media work hand-in-hand proves again to be the future compliant concept for modern brand building.  

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Peter Vande Graveele
CEO Serviceplan Group Benelux
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