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Are you looking to improve on your brand’s creativity for free? Why not try one of our Wigwam sessions? Starting today, Serviceplan Belgium is giving out 3 Wigwam sessions for free, to the first brands to ask for them. Book your free Wigwam below the article.


What’s a Wigwam?

So, you want to win a Wigwam! But first, what is a Wigwam, you may ask? A Wigwam is a domed hut, which looks a lot like a teepee, used by Native American tribes. But in the Houses of Communication across the world, we use this word to refer to a massive brainstorm where various creative teams are gathered with the aim of answering a common brief. A Wigwam usually starts with a Strategist who briefs all of the creative teams, telling them all there is to know about the client for whom they are gathered. Once this is done and everyone is up to speed, the real fun starts. The teams are sent out to brainstorm for rounds of 30 minutes and come back with two to three ideas per round. Every round is guided by a specific insight, which simply put, are observations that can be turned into communication opportunities for the brand. Once the teams have presented their ideas, the entire Wigwam team votes on their favourite ones. The strategist then presents the next insight and the teams spread out once more for the next round.

No Judgement

If you ask creatives to list the benefits of a Wigwam, one of their first answers will often be the fact that there is no place for negative judgement within the circle of a Wigwam. The Wigwam is a safe haven of pure unadulterated creativity where you are free to come up with any idea regardless of how crazy it is. This is the kind of thing that often leads to award-winning ideas.

Quantity and Quality

When confronted with a typical pitch, the creatives of an agency tend to focus on a few ideas of a high-quality standard given the often-limited amount of time. On the contrary, when going through ideation within the frame of a Wigwam, creatives will deliver both quality and quantity. The quantity is driven by the number of insight-focused rounds given to the creatives, while the quality is due to the high levels of contagious motivation that Wigwams tend to generate.

Take a look at one of our Wigwams last year, for American Tourister:

ÜberCreativity at its Best

Creativity in the House of Communication is not only coming out of the brains of the stereotypical creative Mad Men. Instead, creativity and innovation are multidisciplinary and come also from strategists, media experts, and accounts. ÜberCreativity is, therefore, also reflected in our Wigwams since this variety of profiles are also all present to guide the ideas from their raw form to the polished diamonds, they turn out to be. A Wigwam is a real team effort.

Voulez-vous Wigwam Avec Moi Ce Soir?

Curious to experience the Wigwam effect first-hand for the creative needs of your brand? We’re giving out 3 Wigwam sessions to the first three brands that will ask for it. First in first served. Send us an email at and we will organize with pleasure a Wigwam for you and your team, whenever you suits you best. Let’s get creative together!

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