Who said Creativity is dead?


Covid has shaken all of us.

We have been dragged down to our bare essentials and to our foundations. And somewhere that’s actually OK. A lot of brands have asked themselves questions about their reason to exist: “Why are we here?”, “What’s our purpose?”. Others have continued as if nothing has happened, continuing in the void of “broadcasting” their message of truth to the mass end consumer, creating in this way purposeless brands, without any sense of meaningfulness for the end consumer. Those who have asked the critical existential question (Why do we exist as a brand?), have been going through the process of questioning themselves what makes them different from other brands in the same sector or segment.

We all know that a lot of brands – certainly Fast Moving Consumer Brands – are fighting in a parity market for the willingness of the end consumer. Whom of them will prefer my brand to the other one…

Well, the world has changed. Before, brands could make the difference with their competitors, by using “famous people” (remember William Lawson’s trick with Sharon Stone) or by doing the “gut feeling-trick”. Nowadays, brands make a difference by showing their customers and potential customers “relevance”.

What can we do with the brand? How will the brand purpose make my own life better? Often, the brand’s value is no longer about nice pictures, humour, celebrities, or other magic tricks…. but it is all about how the brand is connecting in a relevant way to the consumer’s world. And unfortunately, nowadays, agencies and brands need more than a good laugh and silly game to penetrate the world of the end consumer.

Consumers are connecting and disconnecting with brands all the time through a myriad of touch-points, digital, and non-digital. In this way, they collect every day an endless chain of brand experiences, positive and negative memorable experiences, but sometimes brands don’t even get the chance to enter the end consumer’s consciousness. They are simply not remembered. This variety of touch-points and contact moments with end consumers demands from brands another type of creativity in order to distinguish themselves from direct or indirect competitors.

This is where creativity is transformed into that kind of innovative approach in our Houses of Communication, stretching the potential of all touch-points in order to please and seduce the consumer. This is a creative transformation process that we, in the Serviceplan Group, call ÜberCreativity. This transformation of existing touch-points in creative and innovative ways of reaching out to the consumer is the result of the collaboration process of the different experts in our House of Communication throughout the world.

Who said that creativity is dead? Who talked about the shift from madmen to math men? The madness has been transformed into something else and more complex, but something better. Have a nice read!

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