ÜberCreativity at House of Communication Belgium

Über-what? ÜberCreativity. It’s a higher form of innovation that happens when diverse disciplines, talents, cultures, media, and technologies collaborate and interplay. In our international Group, we are convinced that diversity is our strongest card when it comes to being as creative as possible (see for yourself.)  

The Team

Our diversity throughout the international group but also at a local level, at House of Communications Brussels, allows us to create the best campaigns for your brand, in French, dutch and/or English (thanks to our multi-lingual teams), in the most creative way.

Want to get creative with us?

Let’s talk creativity together. Contact us at n.delhalle@serviceplan.com  if you’re looking for a creative way to , or for any of your brand’s needs (digital, production efficiency, creativity, concept, strategy, video, audio, OOH,…).

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