Meet House of Communication’s ÜberCreative engine: diversity

House of Communication is one house.  And in our House, we don’t care what skin colour you have, what body you were born in, where you come from or how you love.

The Team

Our only claim is to build Best Brands; we do this by being creative, and we are sure that our creative strength comes from our Group’s diversity, all over the world.  

We will treat you with respect, we will listen to your story, we will stand with you, and do our best to give you a safe space to be yourself. This is our pledge.

And our pledge allows us to make ÜberCreative campaigns, all over the world. Take a look for yourself, if you don’t believe us.

Our international showreel

Let's meet

Our House of Communication is always open, for anyone. We’d be very happy to show you our agency and work together, whoever and however you are, on your brand’s strategy.  

Contact us at if you’re interested in knowing us better, for any of your brand’s needs (digital, production efficiency, creativity, concept, strategy, video, audio, OOH,…).

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