Meet House of Communication’s creative minds

You can’t claim to be a creative agency if you don’t work with creative people. At Serviceplan, we’re happy to claim that we’re 100% a creative agency.  Our team at House of Communications in Brussels is made up of various personalities, backgrounds and profiles, which we are convinced makes us stronger (see our diversity claim).

The Team

All of us lead different lives, have different projects and hobbies, and we would like to present to you some of these creative projects our people in Brussels are working on when they’re not at work. Here are some of House of Communication’s creative minds in Brussels:

Sergio menendez, our Motion Designer with a passion for comic books

Sergio was born and raised in Madrid, Spain and has been working for us for 7 years now. He creates great designs for our clients:

But in his spare time, he makes cool art through comic books and other formats:

To know how the comic ends and see more of Sergio’s work, go to or follow him on Instagram

Paul Follezou, our
Gra-ffiti-phic Designer

Paul works as a graphic designer for various clients at our production agency Solutions. Besides his great work, he also has a talent for graffiti, which he showed this month at the MIMA in Brussels to hundreds of people, during his exhibition.

Dimitri Lemonias, our rapping strategist

Dimitri, or as we call him by his stage name, “Mr Classik”, is a strategist at our House of Communications. He thinks about the best ways for brands to reach their audience and their expected results. Besides that, he speaks perfect Greek (as you may have guessed by his family name) and English, which is his preferred language when he expresses himself through his rapping.

Marc Thomasset, our Senior Art Director, produces and sells his own inspiration pads

While in school, like many people, Marc drew and wrote text all the time out of the notebooks margins, driving some of his teachers crazy. He believes that we always need space outside of the rules to think freely. This is the sentiment he wanted to convey when one would be writing or drawing in the Inspiration Pad.

“I was drawing projects in a notebook when suddenly it hit me how a classic notebook, however beautiful, is always very rigid and grid like. I wanted to make one that would inspire people, give them more freedom than their school notebooks did. After a few years, I decided to self produce it. Which has been a great experience.”

It has been featured on Fubiz, My Modern Met, Smashing Magazine, PSFK, Design Sponge, Trend Hunter, This Is Colossal, and many other places.

Interested in putting your thoughts down in a more creative notebook?
Buy Marc’s Inspiration Pad at

Nefeli Mavrogonatos, our L’Oréal graphic designer, and photographer in her own time

Nefeli is part of the Solutions team and spends all of her professional time working on creations for L’Oréal and its sub-brands, such as Garnier. On the side, she’s a great photographer.  

Dinahlee Cameriere, our young graphic designer and painter

Dinahlee is our youngest recruit. She’s 22 years old and works essentially for L’Oréal as a graphic designer. Besides this, she enjoys painting very much and has won first prize at a contest for the best painting, with the theme Alice in Wonderland.

Besides her award-winning painting, Dinahlee has a series of other paintings to her name. Here are some of them:

Melissa Dermine, our accountant, shows her patience through her Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is similar to painting by number, except that instead of using paint, you are using tiny, flat-backed rhinestones, crystals, or faceted resin diamonds.

Want to meet them?

We’re very proud to have all of these creative and artistic people working at our agency, and we have many more to present to you, whether they have artistic, cognitive or other talents. Why don’t you come to the agency one of these days to meet them and see how we channel our creative minds at House of Communication to make your brand as creative as possible?

Contact us at if you’re interested in knowing us better, for any of your brand’s needs (digital, production efficiency, creativity, concept, strategy, video, audio, OOH,…).

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