A word from our CEO

We are coming quickly to the Year-end of 2022. For Serviceplan Group it was a tremendous successful year, both in terms of business results, but also in terms of creative reputation. We have noted down, again, a double-digit growth with the whole group internationally and we were awarded several times, Independent Network of the Year in the biggest international award shows (LIA, Cresta, Cannes, NY Festivals, Effie…).

The House of Communication in Brussels could also put a first Effie Award in the closet, with ALDI’s End of Year campaign. This success is the even more remarkable, since the social and general business context in which we have been working was not ideal. First came COVID, then all the aftereffects we had to deal with in post-COVID and early 2022, a war started on European territory with sky-high inflation as a result. Against the background of this earth-shaking social and economic phenomena, I think that we can say that we can be very proud about our results.

Society is becoming more and more diverse, work culture and ethics are changing, different generations with different values are succeeding one another and the result is that also our collaborators show a pattern that is diversified, and which represents a patchwork of cultures, languages, sexual orientations, religions, preferences, etc. What a rich and fertile backbone to generate the best creative and innovative ideas! That’s why we decided in the beginning of 2022 to start our own “Diversity & Inclusion”-program. Together with D&I consultants Yin United, we started to ask all employees what they thought about the diversity and inclusion topic. These insights coming out of this survey (Synthetron) were the basis to develop our “Inclusions”-program which will not only influence but determine our company culture and the ground rules of the agency.

End of Year means also busy times in the agency, where we always reach a peak in our activities. With clients like BMW/MINI all preparations for the Brussels Motor show are ‘on’, ALDI’s celebrations seasons for the end of year is more than heavy loaded. But it is also the time to take some time for family and friends between Christmas & New Year. Don’t forget that our beautiful capital of Brussels gives plenty of opportunities to visit the city in another way: visiting ‘la Grand Place’, with the traditional giant Christmas tree, walks and hikes in the famous wood of ‘Forêt de Soignes’, and finally Avenue Louise and the whole neighborhood for Christmas Shopping….

Maybe I should add one final business note for next year 2023! Like every year we are celebrating the Best Brands of 2022 during our Best Brands Awards Show, which takes place on 16th of March 2023. Again, like each year, the Belgian consumer has chosen in 21 vertical sectors, what they think are the Best Brands in the Belgian market. Please put a placeholder in your agenda on the evening of the 16th of March. The official invitation will be sent out during the month of January 2023.

Merry Christmas, Good end of Year Seasonal Greetings, thanks for 2022 and see you soon in 2023 for new creative and innovative ideas!

Peter Vande Graveele

CEO House of Communication Brussels.
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