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For the first time ever, Serviceplan organized the Best Brands CMO of the Year, which is an election part of the Best Brands Club. This exclusive club brings together the advertisers who have distinguished themselves the most in the ranking, namely the top 3 nominees in each category of the Best Brands Awards. This means a total of approximately 60 brands and as many decision-makers, with the CMOs in the firing line.  

This real « Club of the Best » is intended to last, and when you are in it, you stay in it. However, membership will be limited to 100 people. This means a natural rotation will take place based on inactivity and change of function. The Best Brands Club will be led by a President with Serviceplan aiming to maintain a certain neutrality in this development. Nathalie Erdmanis, Sustainability Director at AG Insurance and Ageas, is the first President of this Best Brands Club.

Three competitors made it to the finale: Ewoud Van Der Heyden (Marketing Director, BMW Group), Anouk Van Hauteghem (Marketing Director Europe, Fanta) and Ellen Helsen (Marketing Manager, DCM).  

Who are they? 

Ewoud Van der Heyden
Ewoud graduated in 1993 as a Business Engineer and started working for BMW 5 years later, in 1998.  He is currently the driving force behind the BMW CSR campaign to provide new toys to Children hospitals Member of the BMW Belux cycling team for the UZA Cancer Foundation. Due in part to his efforts, BMW is the absolute frontrunner in sustainable individual mobility as proven by the long period over which BMW is elected time and again as the leader for the automotive industry in Dow Jones Sustainability index. 
Anouk completed her master’s in marketing management at the Vlerick Business School. She started working for Coca-Cola in 2013 and worked her way up to Marketing Director Europe for Fanta. Together with her husband, they are the ‘Mooimakers’ for their neighbourhood, keeping it clean and cosy. After the flooding in Belgium in Summer 2021, Anouk went to Chaudfontaine to clean the riverbanks and replant trees together with her colleagues. 
Anouk Van Hauteghem
Ellen Helsen
Ellen finished her Business & Languages degree at Thomas More and started working for the Belgian company DCM shortly after. Under her wing, DCM continuously strives to be an economically health company where sustainability and happy employees are key.  They want to profile themselves in the market as an expert who advises and assists its customers. For this, they invest heavily to enrich their touchpoints with relevant and up-to-date information & content that further helps the customer to make their ornamental and vegetable garden grow and flourish optimally. 
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