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Crisis, war, inflation, indexation, increasing cost structures, broken supply chains, etc. One should think that we are gone for another economic crisis, which is true. But how to deal with that as a brand? This is what we are going to highlight in this edition of our Very HOC News.  

Every year Serviceplan asks, and thus also in Belgium, the CMOs of the most relevant brands in the market what will be the topics and trends they will consider as the most relevant or the most important for the upcoming months. Without wanting to disclose all the results in this edito, I can tell you that of course the typical crisis topics are high on the list, but surprisingly enough the focus on Brand Purpose scores the highest, according to the Belgian and European CMOs. In unsecure times, brands are important beacons of not only information but also of hope and joy for consumers. On the other side marketeers need to invest in the ‘why do we exist as a brand’, to create trustworthy and authentic brands for the consumer. In stormy weather, the Best Brands have the opportunity not only to survive but to make the difference with the competition in a striking way. Like Ayrton Senna said: ‘In good weather condition, everybody can win one place in the race, in rainy weather good Formula 1-pilots easily overtake 5 other cars. Resilience, the power to rethink and reinvent are certainly strong characters of the Best Brands.  

A newcomer in the Belgian market is our own initiative “Best Brands CMO of the Year”. Based on our Best Brands ranking, at Serviceplan, we decided to create a community of the best brands CMOs in Belgium. An exclusive club of CMOs of the Top 3 brands in each vertical sector of the Best Brands Awards. 21 sectors multiplied by 3 gives us a unique selection of 63 CMOs, forming an exclusive marketing community. Our main driver behind the creation of this CMO-community, is our believe that Best Brands are an important foundation for business success in general. By knowing the KPI’s of the Best Brands survey, conducted by our partner GfK, we can influence these KPI’s as an agency together with the CMO in charge of the brand, resulting in better brand performance, both in terms of acquisition of new clients and building loyal bonds with existing clients. CMOs – that’s how we like to name them whatever their official company title is – have their place in the boardroom and therefore at Serviceplan we offer them a platform to exchange amongst themselves, to express themselves in the market and to advocate the importance of brand building in the growth strategies of companies.  

And finally, CMOs of our Best Brands VIP Club, the name our CMO community, were able to vote amongst them the CMO of the Year, the person and his or her team which excelled the last 12 months in growing the company for which they work through an exceptional effort of “Best Brand Building”.  

Enjoy the read!

Peter Vande Graveele,

CEO, Serviceplan Group Benelux
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