The CMO Barometer 2023 is back in action

After being successfully introduced last year, the CMO Barometer is back for a second edition.

What is it? The CMO Barometer is an annual study conducted by Serviceplan – more specifically, the Serviceplan Consulting Group and Facit Research – that provides up-to-date answers to questions about marketing opportunities, challenges and trends in the upcoming year. The survey is submitted to hundreds of CMO’s throughout Belgium.

Last year, the results revealed the following:

Digitization is in Fast Motion. Digitization has never had such a high urgency for CMOs. Not a new topic, it has nevertheless rapidly gained speed through Corona.

Marketing is done by and for people. Being close to people is key in times of crisis - whether it’s your own employees through good leadership or your customers and their (changed) needs.  

Sustainability does not become a luxury topic. Sustainability communication and brand purpose remain core topics and do not lose weight even in economically difficult times.

Agility and transformation capability as success factors. Being able to react agilely to changing circumstances and needs is becoming the decisive factor for CMO success. In his own company, the CMO becomes the driver of the transformation agenda.

The results of this year’s CMO Barometer will be shared during the month of November.
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