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Part of  our Diversity & Inclusion journey… Great news to start the back-to-school period: our House of Communication is sponsoring a new good cause for the entire year.  Target Victory helps top 8 level disabled athletes get the needed funding for their training, competitions and equipment.  

We talked to founder Yves De Voeght about this promising project. Find the answers in the article below.  

Who are the founders of Target Victory?  
There are three founders. First, there are the two leagues that deal with handisport daily, G Sport Vlaanderen and La Ligue Handisport Francophone. They are joined by Zelos, a sports management company, which adds a dimension to the project by bringing in successful sportsmen and women in disciplines that are not covered by the two leagues. It is important to note that they are supported by Cap48.

What is the context that brought Target Victory to life?  
High-level sport for people with disabilities has become much more professional in recent years, taking our athletes to the top of the European and world rankings or to the most prestigious competitions in their sport. This increase in performance has not been matched by an increase in the budgets available and needed to maintain the level achieved. In addition, there is a lack of resources to enable the next generation to match or exceed the performance of existing athletes. 

Why is support for high performance disability sport important?  
In all fields, success is a source of inspiration, motivation and change. This is also the case, if not more so, in sport. Not so long ago, we had two outstanding female tennis champions: not only did this stimulate young children to take up tennis, but it also contributed in part to the debate on gender equality in sport, particularly in terms of « prize money », echoing a societal debate on equal pay for men and women. Supporting high-level sport for the disabled is not simply a matter of supporting between 100 and 200 athletes in the long term, it is mainly a matter of helping to change the way we look at disabled people and the need to include them fully in our societies and companies.  

Which athletes are supported by Target Victory?  
Athletes must be of a high standard, which can mean either being in the top 8 in the world or having the ability to do so (« junior » athletes) or performing in a way that is likely to draw media attention to them. In all cases, it is the founders who define the precise criteria as they are the only ones with the credibility to do so, as well as being best placed to understand, evaluate and verify the validity of the requests for support coming from the athletes. It is also clear that the more partners the project attracts, the more athletes will be better supported while remaining within the spectrum of high-performance sport.

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