Our D&I journey continued

Back in April, we talked about how we were starting up a diversity and inclusion trajectory inside our agency with the help of the ladies at YIN United. Now, it’s time we update you on what’s been happening inside our House of Communication since then.  The course of the trajectory is based on the Discover – Design – Do model that is used by the YIN United coaches.

We started out with a synthetron survey where we discovered our colleagues’ opinions and feedback on diversity and inclusion in the agency. This is an online anonymous and interactive survey, where the opinions of all 70 participating colleagues were sought. In here, we asked colleagues how they felt regarding certain topics inside the agency. What is their overall satisfaction level? What are ideas for improvement? What is holding them back?
Based on these results, we started a workshop journey for about two months under the supervision of YIN United, where each week, we discussed certain topics relating to our House of Communication and checked if the current way of being were considered inclusive to every colleague in the agency.

The topics of these sessions were the following:  

Purpose and company values: we redesigned our company purpose and adapted our values to be aligned with our vision of diversity and inclusion.

Design team rituals: we have a lot of company rituals that are appreciated but concluded that some of them are not always inclusive towards everyone. So we worked on new rituals that could include everyone!

Strategy setting for the employer journey: is our hiring process inclusive enough? Do people have enough opportunities to express their needs during the hiring process and during their time working at Serviceplan? We concluded this was currently insufficient and thought of a solution.

Psychological safety: is everyone psychological safe? if you do not feel safe in the workplace, your needs cannot be met because you will not dare to ask. We all must be aware that workplaces are not safe for everyone and learn how to work with that knowledge.  

Optimising meeting culture: meetings can be exclusive. Who hasn’t attended a meeting where one person was talking the whole time and came to an agreement on his/her own? So, we thought about solutions to allow everyone in the meeting to participate equally.

How to give and receive better feedback: you need to be able to receive feedback but also to give feedback, so you don’t cause friction or offend someone. How can we improve the processes on feedback giving and receiving? That’s what we talked about here.

Norms and rules: all of our designing is good, but without proper rules and norms, this will quickly be forgotten or left aside. So, we checked the current norms and rules document and adapted them to fit with the current company culture.

Strategy setting for the client journey: We discussed how we could be more inclusive with the client and vice versa. How can we work better together and as a unit, for more efficiency and better work?

All colleagues were invited to participate in these sessions (approx. 10 per workshop). During the month of August, we will receive a full report from YIN United on what our colleagues have discussed and designed during these workshops. The next step will be to create a whole new policy based on it and start acting on it.

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