CICC OFF 2022:
Serviceplan is celebrating

Serviceplan is successfully growing and that calls for celebration. From 30 June until the 2nd of July, agencies around the world were invited to the beautiful location of Wolfgangsee in Austria to connect, inspire and celebrate. 85 team members of the Belgian Serviceplan division gladly took on the invitation. 

Thursday: the socialising take-off

With a long journey ahead, but in good spirits, our HOC team set off in the early morning from Brussels airport. A flight and a whole lot of bus hours later, we arrived at the beautiful Sheraton hotel in the evening. There, we took a refreshing shower and got ready for dinner at Pacher Haus, which was organised for us and our colleagues from the Netherlands. We enjoyed a walk-in dinner, a small game to get everyone in the right spirits and when the apéro(l) started to sink in, fraternised with each other like long lost friends. Our very own Régis Watrisse, Managing Partner of Mediascale, was the DJ of the evening, and so we danced until the late hours of the night. Well, until we all had to catch our last bus, that is.

Friday: a feast for the mind, eyes and stomach

Party hard, work harder! To most people’s blessing, we got treated with litres of coffee and a nicely organised breakfast for the early birds. And for the not-so-early tired pigeons, a little lunch bag was provided with a few necessities. 

We took off to Scalaria hotel, the event location of this trip. There, we got treated to more food and coffee: this was clearly the place to be. Soon, the entire location was filled with over 2000 Serviceplan colleagues from all over the world. Time to network! It wasn’t hard to get into the right mindset for this, as the views from the location were absolutely stunning.  

After some lovely chit-chatting with our international colleagues and enjoying the sights, it was time for the main event of the trip: the CICC OFF conference. Florian Haller, CEO, Managing Partner of Serviceplan Group, held the opening speech, followed by many different colleagues who shared our various successes throughout the past year.   

At the end of the day, after the last colleague gave their presentation, we were invited to join the feast: an extensive outside dinner with many, many options. As the evening progressed and the liquor flew, the festivities were only getting started. Various skilled artists literally played with fire while entertaining the crowd. There was fire, there was water, there was music, there was acrobacy and… there were fireworks. Yes, this evening left nothing to the imagination. And then, when you think you’ve seen it all, a spectacular party ensued in the middle of the beautiful Scalaria. What more can I say, except for we danced, danced, danced the night away!

Saturday: surviving the aftermath

The early bird catches the worm, or so the saying goes. Luckily for our hungover colleagues, there were plenty of proverbial worms left all day round. With beautiful weather and again, the stunning Wolfgangsee in the background, we further enjoyed each other’s company while getting a tan, chilling in the pool or lake and snoozing away in the rhythm of the water. 

In the early afternoon, it was time to say goodbye to our international colleagues and the stunning location that had been our home for the past days. Time to travel back to Belgium, tired, but with full hearts.

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