Good video content creation: A key to your brand’s survival

With the constant arrival of new technologies, and seeing how information is consumed by the public, the future of communication and advertising lies more and more in video content creation, and its viral distribution. The proof lies in the fact that the number of hours spent watching online videos is growing by 60% per year. This means that today, creating videos is a must for every agency in order to communicate to any audience and become active inside their communities.

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Nevertheless, with 300 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute, it is crucial to produce the right video, for the right audience, using the right media, with the right promotion plan. Basically, you need to make sure your video gets noticed, watched and shared.

This is where Serviceplan’s House of Communication makes the difference:

Neverest, Serviceplan’s new in-home recording and production studio, has all the needed production tools to provide clients with great radio and video work. With the combined efforts of media agency Mediaplus and digital agency Plan.Net, we ensure a perfect media planning and a detailed reporting of the results of each video we create so that, after each video we post, we learn and improve our approach to meet new targets each time.

With the creation of Neverest, we are able to respond to client’s needs much faster and at a better price than ever before. We offer our clients many solutions, which take the form of Web series, Podcasts, Tik Tok challenges, Aftermovies, Live streamings of any type of event, Interactive video, VR, Sports videos, Products reviews, Webinars, Video activation, Guerilla marketing, and much, much more.

They say cinema is magic. True. But today, the integration of video, analytics and business intelligence is where the true magic is. Good relevant content is key, and we will provide it.

Let’s start your video strategy today: contact us at to know more about our complete digital media offer.

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Serviceplan Group is Building Best Brands
Serviceplan is the largest owner and partner-managed agency group in Europe. In our House of Communication, the only fully integrated agency model, all manner of communication disciplines work under one roof; whether strategists, creatives, media, design or online specialists, CRM experts, market researchers or content specialists - at Serviceplan, everybody works together.

The additional corporate brands within Serviceplan Benelux - Plan.Net, Mediaplus, Mediascale, Neverest and Solutions - also rank among the market leaders in their respective fields. What binds us all together is the passion to develop and to coach fascinating brands. Brands that are economically successful and that evoke emotions in the minds of consumers - in other words, Best Brands. Innovative communication is the path to this goal.
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