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What’s the secret to staying number one in the Best Small Domestic Appliances category year after year?

We are humbled by the continued appreciation for our brand. We believe that our heritage, as well as our future vision are at the foundation of this success. The iconic status of the Philips brand, a rich 130-year legacy, and a presence of over 100 years in Belgium, makes us one of the most valuable brands in the world and locally. A trusted brand combined with products that are recognized for their excellence within the industry and by our consumers, continues to strengthen our brand position. We also believe that the key to our success is our people’s ability to stay curious and always open to explore new ideas - not only in product development, but also in how we bring our products to the market, or in the way we promote them to the consumers in new and innovate ways.

How does Philips match the digital world and the physical world with its consumers?

Increasingly, we are boldly leveraging digitization on both our consumer products and our marketing. This approach is building a stronger and more fluid consumer-first mindset while also driving new opportunities. We accelerate growth through online channels, deliver products and services direct to consumers, and support longer-term online relationships (via CRM and apps) to maximize the benefit consumers can have from our solutions. Offline, we leverage our retail trade partnerships. And together, we aim to surprise our consumers with brand activations and instore marketing triggering shoppers’ interest and desire to purchase, while being consistent to the brand’s positioning and identity. By offering unique brand and product experiences, both on- and offline, we build strong brand preference overall.

Has Philips witnessed any changes in customer behavior or trends since the Covid crisis?

Over the past two years we have seen that our strategic purpose plays into key consumer trends, such as creating a home retreat for healthy living, having a home cleaner than ever, purchasing thoughtfully (buy local and environmentally conscious), and working from home. Our products are aligned with these new consumer needs: With our kitchen appliances and NutriU app we can stimulate healthy cooking and help install healthy eating habits; with our fully automated coffee machines we can offer seamless coffee making experience savored at home, personalized and customized; with our wet and dry floor care solutions we can offer a complete hygienic clean,…

In our Best Brands study, consumers say that Philips creates a good brand experience for their consumers, especially online. What is your strategy?

As a leading player in domestic appliances, we are uniquely positioned in gaining deep understanding in consumer behavior.
We can benefit from global thinking while delivering locally with an understanding of market needs. Our digital first approach to marketing helps us reach a broad consumer base. We have an inhouse team focusing on an excellent online experience and a seamless consumer journey. And via social media, influencers, and online branded content storytelling we offer inspiration and strive to surprise consumers with information and lifestyle tips and tricks on how our products help improve their lives, and lead healthier and happier lives at home every day.
Sustainability, social responsibility and ethics are key topics at the moment, what is Philips’ vision on this and what are your upcoming steps?

What we use today affects the planet tomorrow. While we’ve been 100% carbon neutral in our operations since 2020, this is just the start of our plan. As a global business, we see it as a responsibility and a privilege to protect our planet. It’s why we prioritize product durability and recyclability. Each product we create is designed to be repairable, fit for refurbishment and fully recyclable. We look to minimize energy and waste in production and increase our use of recycled and biobased materials. In 2021, we launched our Eco Conscious Edition, the world’s first breakfast set made from 100% biobased plastic. This has been well received by Belgian consumers.

How do you aim on staying a Best Brand next year too?

Our goals is to continue making Philips Domestic Appliances THE partner of choice for the Belgian consumers. We have a solid innovation pipeline focusing on connectivity and sustainable solutions that improves consumers’ lives in a meaningful way and transforms their houses into homes where they can connect and take care of each other. Together with our retail partners we will support consumers along their decision-making journey, both on- and offline. And we will offer unique brand experiences focusing on long-lasting use at home.

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