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How do you explain that the top 3 in Best IT Brand has stayed the same for the past year?

First, I think the category has gained in importance. With people being more at home, they attach a lot of value IT products, as a tool for being connected, for working, for entertainment and relaxing,… This also meant that the PC became a personal computer again. We see families moving from 1 or 2 PC’s per household towards 1 PC per family member. What is crucial in this trend is that every person desires a device which fits their personal needs. You need to have different offerings for different persona’s – one size doesn’t fit all. I believe we have been a leading brand in recognizing that and diversifying the portfolio for different customers. This already made us strong in the past, but even more today.

Is Share of Soul or Share of Wallet more important to HP?

Both go hand in hand. We try to be an inclusive brand instead of an exclusive brand. We tailor our products to each of the different users. This automatically leads to a better experience of the brand, but also to a bigger group of people that find their ideal product in your offering.

In our Best Brands study, HP has the highest score on recent positive brand experience. How do you explain that?

We try to focus on outcomes. A customer doesn’t care about the DPI of their printer or the type of webcam in their laptop – they care about a beautiful print or having a great video-calling experience. We focus on what people actually do with our products and try to find new ways of making that as easy and qualitative as possible, leveraging new technologies. As an example : our printers are one of the biggest IoT installed bases in Belgium and our HP Smart printing app is in the top10 of most downloaded productivity apps. We decided to leverage those technologies to reinvent the printing experience – where the printer now orders its own ink before you run out and where laptop, phone and printer work together seamlessly.

HP scores above average on active brand equity, which means they are a trusted brand. How did you become this trusted brand?

It’s all about consistency and predictability. One bad experience has a much bigger impact to your brand equity than a good experience. By focusing on outcomes and looking at the actual customer experience, we believe there will be less negative experiences. With our smart and subscription-based HP Instant Ink for example, we see a very strong NPS compared to traditional printing.

Apple ranks better than HP on Innovation. What’s you innovation strategy?

We try to make products that make life better for people. Each person has different expectations from a device. This means that we focus more on individualization than on flagship innovation. We want to create the best education laptop, the best gaming laptop, the best laptop for a designer,… This means we need a broad portfolio with the right value proposition for each of those. This may be less visible than flagship innovation, but brings more value to our customers.
In our Best Brands study, your score in cross-selling potential is 12% better than last year. Is there a specific reason? What have you changed?

As we are thinking about outcomes and ecosystems for our customers, this means that we are extending the portfolio of services and accessories that these customers can buy to complete their main product. As an example, think about headsets and video accessories from our HYPER X division or displays from our OMEN brand. We were very well known for our main products (laptops and printers), but had work to do to position our accessory and services ecosystem in stores. We’re making progress but have a lot to gain.

HP takes 10th place in the Best Hybrid Brand category. How did you adapt your hybrid strategy in the pandemic time?  Do you plan on doing better?

Traditionally, we have a great collaboration with our retail partners on the in-store selling mode. The biggest change for us has been that we have much more engaged on the online selling mode now. We have made great progress in strategically discussing with the retailers how to work better together and bring our insights and their insights together. This allows for a much better customer journey. Going forward we will further invest in our own part of this story : having a great website where people can go through a nice discovery phase.

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