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For the first time, Ethias is the best insurance brand in the hearts of Belgians. Can you explain what you did to win this first place?

In these particularly « anxious » times (due to the COVID, floods, soaring prices, etc.), we have made it a point of honor to emphasize our cardinal values: Commitment, Humanity, Enthusiasm and Customer Satisfaction. The customer/citizen is at the center of our concerns. They guide our actions and give meaning to our business. Since March 2020, we have been doing everything possible to encourage empathy, mutual aid and proximity in the field.  This commitment has resulted in many concrete achievements in 2020 and 2021, such as: App4You (a mutual aid platform), free insurance for vaccination centers, mobilization of the Amicale (“Friendly”) Ethias to offer meals to disaster victims,… Speaking the truth and keeping our commitments are priorities for maintaining a relationship of trust with our policyholders. We are above all a Direct Insurer, meaning that we are close to and in direct contact with the needs of our B2C and B2B clients. Finally, Ethias is also the community of Ethis (3D characters) which contributes greatly to the sympathy capital to make the world of insurance simple, accessible and reassuring.      

Have consumer expectations changed over the past year?

Yes, this evolution has taken shape in two ways. Firstly, there has been more digital interactions. In 2020, by force of circumstance (strict confinements), the customer has proven to be a great consumer of digital tools. We were able to record several million visits to our website and several hundred thousand online quotes. We have also seen the use of new channels and tools such as Customer zone, Livechat, Virtual Assistant… In 2021, a rebalancing has taken place. The customer preferred more phygital interactions, mixing the ease of digital with the relevance and reassurance of physical advice. Secondly, this evolution was also focused on emerging risks and new needs. The electrification of mobility, cyber risk, health, needs in terms of prevention, …

Sustainable development and ethics are « fashionable » values. But at Ethias, they have always been part of our DNA. How do you continue to affirm this mission?

Through the unwavering respect for the « H » (human) that is at the very heart of our brand. We have always been a socially responsible player, and this was the reason for our creation - Société Mutuelle des Administrations Publiques founded in the aftermath of the First World War. Sustainable development and ethics are natural extensions of this raison d’être.

In 2021, we have given concrete expression to this raison d’être with the following phrase: « Together, let us dare to be human ». I invite you to read the manifesto that accompanies this Brand Purpose to understand the full scope of our motivations.
You are a direct insurer, so why develop initiatives such as Flora?

Being a direct insurer means that there are no intermediaries between us and our clients. We rely on close relationships in order to develop quality services and products that are adapted to our clients’ needs.  So naturally, our offer evolves to meet new expectations.
With Flora, we work in start-up mode, which requires great agility and responsiveness. This also allows us to start a business project « from scratch », to build and cultivate a team of young « intrapreneurs »,…

What is Ethias’ innovation strategy?The strategy is listening to the customer and anticipate his needs (Voice of the Customer - Co-creation). Our vocation is not to be a university laboratory but to generate added value. We want to innovate to make life easier for our customers/citizens and offer them more simplicity, peace of mind and serenity. We also want to successfully make the transition from « insurer-payer » to insurer-integrator of services (Embedded Insurance Beyond Insurance). The primary objective is to avoid a risk or, at the very least, to reduce its impact and the trauma that may result from it.
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