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And again, Jupiler is undisputedly the best in its category, for the 7th year in a row.

Jupiler goes back quite some years. It was brewed for the first time in 1966 in Jupille-sur-Meuse (hence the name), but despite the maturity of the brand, it is still going strong. It is the bestselling beer in Belgium, with around 40 percent share by volume. And that’s an achievement in itself, in the land of beer.

Going strong in a changing market

“The beer market has never been as interesting as it is now”, AB InBev’s sales director Benoit Bronckart said*. “The beer market has dropped in volume […] and the consumer has chosen to go for ‘fewer, but better’. We want to create value, but also achieve volume growth as well, which is why we will boost the frequency and short-term penetration. AB InBev has three growth areas in mind: product range, image and health.”

More diversity in the offer

Even though everybody knows the iconic bottle and ribbed glass with the red and black bull logo, the Jupiler product range is larger than that. Whereas the 5.2% pale lager is the standard, there is also Jupiler Blue (3.3%) and Jupiler 0.0% for non-alcoholic refreshment. And with Jupiler Blue lemon & lime, AB InBev added a 3.3% flavoured beer to its popular pilsner range. But consumers are also looking for diversity in the packaging, so Jupiler followed. Besides a choice between 25 cl, 33 cl and 75 cl bottles, and 33 cl and XL 50 cl cans, there are 4-packs, 6-packs, 8-packs, 12-packs and the traditional yellow crates of 24 bottles. Even 6L barrels are sold for home taps. With all these different sizes and varieties, the brand offers something for all occasions.

Playing the football card

A large part of its popularity, Jupiler owes to football. The brand has been the main sponsor of the Belgian national team for over 30 years now. Add to that the main sponsorship of the Belgian Pro League, the highest Belgian football division, and you’ll notice that Jupiler is never far when a football is involved.
Football is also a perfect environment for marketing beer, reaching millions of joyous viewers and drinkers. In the past, Jupiler surfed the football craze by changing its name to ‘Belgium’ during the Fifa World Cup, or brewing red Jupiler in honour of the Red Devils depicted on the labels. The ‘We are Belgium’ campaign, did not gather all Belgians behind the national team, it was also an enormous boost for the brand’s popularity.
But what to do during the corona pandemic, when it was not possible to attend football matches live? Jupiler created the ‘Jupiler Man of the Match’ in 2021. Fans could vote via the Jupiler Pro League website for their favourite player. This enriched the football experience for fans and added visibility for Jupiler.
Healthy and responsibly

Beer and health are a strange pair. Jupiler is conscious about the effects of alcohol, but as part of AB InBev’s ‘Better world’ initiative, it promotes responsible consumption. Jupiler 0.0%, for instance, targets health-conscious consumers who want to enjoy the refreshing taste of a real beer, but without the alcohol. As opposed to other non-alcoholic beers, Jupiler 0.0% is first completely fermented and only afterwards de-alcoholised. This quality makes it stand out over the competitors.
“AB InBev focuses a lot on beers with low or no alcohol levels”, says Benoit Bronckart.*
“By 2025, we want 20 % of our global beer volume sales to have an alcohol level of 3.5 % or lower. In that sense, Jupiler 0,0 %’s launch is an important step. It can be enjoyed at any time of day, for any occasion, even at work.” And this endeavour seems to work, as 51% of all 0.0% beers drunk in Belgium is a Jupiler 0.0%, making it the 4th biggest pilsner in the country.

Congratulations, Jupiler, for being the Best Beer Brand!

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