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Nivea hits first place in Best Beauty Product Brand and has been doing so for quite a few editions. Why? What is your secret of being outstanding?

We are playing an infinite game as we are here to stay for the long term while delivering consistency in excellence and never take for granted the trust that our consumers have in us.

What would be your top 3 recommendations for a beauty brand that would like to become a Best Brand?

Be close to your consumers: they evolve, so do you. Listen, adjust and improve constantly.Never take them for granted: continue to communicate even in difficult times. Stay true to your values and act accordingly when it matters. Words don’t matter without facts.

Is it important for you to stay available for your consumers and propose a wide variety of products?

In our case, it is essential as this is core to our brand identity: we stand for care and human connection as skin to skin touch is what makes us human. Our products need to be a reflection of our consumers: different skin types & needs across the globe, different products that cater to our beautiful diversity. However, never underestimate delivering a first excellent product as this might become your emblematic offer: still to this day the NIVEA blue tin is one of the most used and loved products from our portfolio.

“Be close to your consumers: they evolve, so do you.
Listen, adjust and improve constantly.”

Carmen Pavel

Are there some notable trends you see in the beauty products sector these past years that are related to hybridity?

Consumers are humans, which means we are adapting to our environment and always evolving. Indeed, we noticed the impact of our new way of working in our industry, however this is still a period of transition & volatility and the following years will sediment the impact of hybridity and give us a clearer picture about the new habits of consumption of cosmetics. However, what we see is definitely the need for all industries to deliver sustainable initiatives and be true to what they stand for.

Since Covid-19, has consumer behavior changed?

In the past 2 years we have noticed fluctuations in the consumption of certain categories, especially those relate to social interactions. What was key for us during this period and also moving forward is to stay open to the reaction of our consumers and adapt quickly based on their needs: either be in home pampering or advanced face care innovations.
How does Nivea handle hybridity? Is it something important for the brand?

Thanks to our variety of products and sizes we can cater to all the needs of our consumers no matter the direction and I am confident we will do that successfully as long as we keep the close connection. Keep our eyes and ears open.

How are you going to manage keeping your first place in the upcoming years?

Continue our marathon in which we strive to deliver superior care in a sustainable way. At the end of the day, we should not forget we have one skin and one planet, and we should care for both in the best way possible.

Carmen Pavel, Head of Marketing Beiersdorf BeNeLux
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