Discover Best Hybrid Brand + Best Consumer Electronics & Best Telecom Brand

This year, Samsung won multiple awards: Best Hybrid Brand, Best Consumer Electronics Brand and Best Telecom Brand. Together with Davy Moons, Head of Marketing for Samsung, we took a deep dive as to why this triple first place is well deserved.

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Once again, Samsung maintains its first position in Best Consumer Electronics Brand and Best Telecom Brand! How do you explain this outstanding score?

Samsung is particularly proud of this recognition, which demonstrates an authentic and lasting relationship with our Belgian consumers. It is a clear reward for our daily commitment to technological innovation. The fact that our brand continues to earn trust and recognition year after year is not surprising, since Samsung focuses on the consumer and his/her needs with a wide range of product innovations, from a very wide range of smartphones to ground-breaking television screens and high-tech household appliances. Each and every one of these human-centric products enables Samsung to make life easier, more enjoyable and more productive for the consumers. 

In Best Telecom Brand, you managed to score better than Apple. How do you explain this favorite position with the consumer?

Because Samsung focuses on valuable, relevant innovation that is accessible to all, and expands the consumer experience in every category with new capabilities tailored to each individual’s lifestyle. Consumers also see great value in our Galaxy ecosystem and open ecosystem SmartThings which already supports thousands of devices from hundreds of brands, providing seamless connectivity in a huge IoT ecosystem. 

Samsung won Best Telecom Brand and Best Consumer Electronics Brand as well as the Best Hybrid Brand. How do you explain this win in the hybrid category? 

Despite the pandemic and the increase in online sales, we opened our third and fourth Experience Stores last year. We want to get closer to the customer and capitalize on the buying behavior of Belgians. As their name suggests, our Experience Stores are so much more than points of sale. They provide a safe, enjoyable, and inspiring environment for consumers to explore the Samsung universe and to receive the service they are looking for. We also see that, in general, consumers feel more comfortable making an online purchase when they know that there is a physical shop of the brand nearby. 
Davy Moons, Head of Marketing Samsung
Samsung adapted to the COVID crisis and invested more in the digital touchpoints with its consumers over the last 2 years. Was Covid-19 a trigger to an earlier integration, or was this already your strategy? 

It has always been our strategy to invest in touchpoints with our clients, whether physical or digital. One of Samsung’s major strengths is that our innovations are based on the consumer’s feedback and needs, look at the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition for example. In order to gather these product experiences, it is crucial for us to be in close and direct contact with our consumers. 

Have your overall marketing campaigns followed a new path in the past few years? For example influencer marketing? 

Like many other brands, Samsung too has invested in influencer marketing. But this is just one element of our overall marketing approach. We still strongly believe in the right marketing mix, targeted towards the right audience. As we have a very extensive product portfolio, this mix too comprises a lot of elements. However, the crucial element for us remains to listen carefully to what our consumers feedback, so that we may continue to bring them what they need. 

What are the upcoming innovations in Samsung’s product portfolio? 

We already launched a lot of exciting innovations this year. At CES in January, we unveiled the Galaxy S21FE, The Freestyle, our 2022 MICRO LED and NEO QLED tv line-up, …  And in February, we launched the highly anticipated Galaxy S22-series and Galaxy TAB S8-series! But we still have a lot in the pipeline for the rest of the year, so stay tuned! 

Do you think these innovations will help you to stay a Best Brand in the next few years? 

As for Samsung the consumer needs are a central and leading element when developing product innovations, we believe indeed that this is key in order to deserve this recognition.
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