What will Tech bring us in 2022? A Plan.Net insight

It’s clear that the past couple of years have made us veer into a different direction, a new normal so to speak. With everything digitalizing, different opportunities and values arise. How do we keep our moral compass up and how can we make sure we don’t lose track? A quick overview of what will be going on this upcoming year:


The pandemic pushed our society into a hybrid equivalent of what it used to be. Our lives went from physical to digital overnight, and amazingly, many brands excelled at delivering
those digital experiences. This sets expectations, creating an atmosphere that is pushing towards a more human-centered design for our digital environments.

We have a clear opportunity ahead of us: how do we communicate coherently with the billions of people on this planet? By focusing on conversational commerce, businesses can offer products, services and more directly in chat environments, creating a most natural business environment and thus humanizing the experience.

In fact, a survey of over 1,000 global executives, 75% said they will invest more in delivering hybrid experiences over the next 12 months. As figure 1 shows, many executives are looking to hybrid to increase personalization (43%), innovation (43%), customer connection (40%), and inclusion (38%).

NFTs were omnipresent throughout the past year and will only be making a bigger mark on society in 2022.

We are already seeing this in video games with AAA publishers like Ubisoft buying into a blockchain for players to buy and unlock items that now have actual value. Axion Infinity is another ‘play-to-earn’ adopter, which is now valued at « $6 billion » and players can earn $15 dollars an hour from NFT rewards. In brief: the future is non-fungible.

Moreover, NFTs will be at the heart of something bigger called the metaverse. The advantages of blockchain, crypto currencies and NFTs will be implemented inside the metaverse, instantly pushing aside the mumbo-jumbo barriers used before.

In brief, it’s by humanizing digitalization that the metaverse will really become an inherent part of our lives.

Brace yourselves for the hybrid revolution, it’s here to stay.

Loïc Matagne
General Manager Plan.Net, House of Communication Brussels
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