FPV drones for vibrant videos, the sky is the limit

First Person View drones offer the audience a real immersive experience, as if they were in the very cockpit navigating the sky. This super agile drone/camera combination allows you to shoot cinematic shots worthy of the greatest Hollywood directors, but without any heavy machinery and for a much lower budget.

Treat your viewers to an immersive flight

FPV, or First-Person View, can be translated as ‘subjective view’ or‘immersive flight. The on-board camera on the FPV drone is positioned in such away that you generate aerial views as if you were a bird soaring through thesky.

The majority of FPV drones on the market today, allow you to pilot the devicewhile enjoying a real immersive experience. With the emergence of even moreadvanced technologies, it is even possible to combine your drone with VirtualReality glasses. Only boarding a plane will feel more real.

Take to the skies, any skies

The FPV drone opens the door to several ‘specialities’. Most of them arelinked to capturing the environment in which you are going to fly (indoor,outdoor), but they are also used for leisure purposes (thrills, competitionsetc.).

For communication purposes, FPV drones allow for new types of shooting that aremuch more dynamic than what we are used to with classic drones like the DJIMavic. They can be used for spectacular outdoor videos, but also for indoorrecording, close to people, with a specially adapted drone.

Any serious videos promoting territories, tourist sites and cultural, musicalor sporting events nowadays all include aerial shots by FPV drones.

Ever expanding capacities

The range of these aircraft has greatly expanded in the last decade and nowoffers ever greater agility, acceleration and manoeuvrability, pushing theborders of what is deemed possible. FPV drones now offer:

• Fluid and totally stable shooting at speeds of over 160 km/h
• Dynamic aerial shots indoors, also in confined and narrow spaces
• Following a subject in inaccessible landscapes (mountain ridges, forests…)
• Incredibly fast and acrobatic camera movements

Not convinced? Have a look at these examples to grasp the full potential:

Drone VS Rollercoaster
Fying over Switzerland

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