The media revolution
is here to stay - Part 2

Today and for several years now we have been in a transitional spiral when it comes to media. All this is driven by the digitalization of traditional media such as print, TV and radio as they have evolved towards publishing, DOOH, Video and Audio.
Before going deeper into specific media trends, it is important to stop and check what the more global/cross media trends are exactly.


Touchpoint trends


When it comes to video trends, we can sum it up as follows:
• Surge of video-on-demand platforms with Netflix, Disney+, Streamz but also IPTV-usage
• Linear TV viewing declined fast in 2021 due to COVID
• TV remains a Top-Of-Mind medium, resulting in increased spending, driven by among others a post-lockdown effect and advertisers ready to invest again.

As the demand is higher than the offer, this implies an impact on the pricing of tv services, even if linear broadcasting is declining. The curve will flatten over time and the seasonal indexes will increase, meaning that quality requirements will be surcharged. The conclusion from the sideline is straightforward: a higher demand = price increase.
Video consumption keeps on booming and creative possibilities for advertisers are endless with smart brand integrations, influencers, creating branded content and much more.


It’s not just the world of video that has been innovating. Music platforms such as Spotify and Deezer have been a catalyst for the world of podcasts. More than providing information on certain topics, clients are using it as an extension to create awareness around specific parts of their business.

In terms of radio, digital extensions have created new possibilities. The digital offer will evolve with more specific themes, brandings and technological possibilities. It will be key to integrate these audio contents in 2022.

Out-Of-Home Advertising (OOH)

Not unlike the points mentioned before, this type of advertising has known a substantial evolution when it comes to digitalization and measuring. The possibility of reacting in real-time gives the consumer experience an extra push and creates endless possibilities to up the engagement. A good example of these possibilities is Smart Cities in Antwerp, where residents get public, digital tools at their disposal to make their lives easier and safer.

PublishingA combination of the price inflation for wood and a decrease in investments will make 2022 a hard year for publishing. Transmedia fusions and collaborations could make it possible to push for an increase in investments, but we assume that the extra cost will lie with the client while the focus shifts forever more to digital.

DigitalWhen it comes to digital trends related to specific topics, we could speak for hours on end but trying to focus on the ones specifically related to digital media is rather tricky.

One to consider is TikTok making its way to the big stage and having commercial relevance. Brands often remain uncertain to invest too much into social media tools, yet it can be highly efficient.

An authentic production (process) remains key for qualitative brand content. As an example, we could mention the Belgian brand “Suspicious”, launching a TikTok with a well-known actor who featured in Gossip Girl.

Yessica Borny
Trading and Operations Manager Mediaplus, House of Communication Brussels
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