Rainmakers: Women driving ÜberCreativity

The diversity in the Brussels House of Communication is not unique - it lies at the very heart of the international Serviceplan Group. Bringing together diverging mindsets, skills and cultural imprints in one common project is by far the most effective way of fostering true creativity and enabling major breakthroughs. This spirit of “Strength by Diversity” has made all our Houses of Communication into vibrant places where visionary thinking and exchange of ideas can grow regardless of any differences in origin, sexual orientation or personal belief.

The team

Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right but also an elemental foundation of every peaceful, prosperous and sustainable society. Serviceplan strongly believes in this vision, and that is why so many of our top positions are held by women. In general, there are more women in communication-related jobs, but very few of them actually break through the ‘glass ceiling’ and reach top positions, except at Serviceplan. Creative Leader An Rietjens, who is of Asian origin, Managing Director of Serviceplan Solutions Monia Kayila, who is of African origin and founder and CMO Nancy Delhalle who is of Belgian origin, are a good illustration of how Brussels House of Communication resolutely broke the glass ceiling.

“The only gap that matters is talent”
Stefania Siani, Managing Director & CCO Serviceplan Italia

In the fourth episode of Rainmakers, Serviceplan’s business content series, Jason Romeyko takes you on a tour with seven more of these powerful women driving ÜberCreativity around the world.

The top women of Serviceplan from Münich, Dubai, Moscow, Milan, and Zurich discuss all kinds of subjects, such as the importance of diversity as a stimulus for creativity and innovation or its influence on specific projects for clients.

“I believe that only diverse teams can actually unlock innovation, because divergent thinking really forces you out of complacency. Diversity is the fuel for ÜberCreativity”.
Frances Valerie Bonifacio, Head of HR & Director Strategic Planning at Serviceplan Middle East
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