The human factor gains importance in times of crisis: The current CMO Barometer of the Serviceplan Group - Germany

Serviceplan Group’s CMO Barometer aims to throw light on the effects of the Corona crisis on the role and daily routine of a CMO, and on a more general note on what moves the marketing elite. The following insights can be distilled from the responses of 271 top German marketers in the “CMO Barometer”.


Digitization and the human factor: when asked what they consider to be their most important tasks, digital transformation (36%), fostering team spirit & culture in the marketing team despite remote working (26%) and adapting/optimizing the marketing organization (25%) were the most frequently mentioned open mentions. Digital and leadership aspects are also at the top of the list of tasks that will become more important: Digitization of marketing was mentioned by 74 percent of CMOs and fostering team spirit and culture in marketing by 59 percent.

The human factor was also in focus in the answers to the question about the biggest change caused by COVID-19. Here, the most frequently brought up open mentions were remote work (62%), lack of exchange with customers/colleagues (28%) and changed leadership (27%). On the topic of marketing, more than 80 percent of CMOs each assume that the marketing trends digital transformation (88%), online/e-commerce (87%) and data-driven marketing (85%) will gain in importance. 86 percent think this about sustainability communications - up from 83 percent last year.

“The role of the CMO will be taken more into account for the success of the company. Not only interdisciplinary exchange but complete networking will be necessary and the CMO is decisive and formative in his role here.”
“The CMO will spend less and less time on one-to-one advertising and more and more time on owned platforms. In addition, measurability will play an increasingly important role, whereby non-digital channels will continue to lose importance if they do not manage to validate their existence.”
“Good CMOs are increasingly becoming transformation drivers and will also have more and more responsibility and influence, especially on the sales organization.”
According to Florian Haller, CEO of the Serviceplan Group:
“Agility is the keyword of the hour. In these COVID-19 crisis times, when trends and developments - such as digitization - have been rapidly accelerated, adaptability becomes the greatest success factor. […]”.
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