Serviceplan and Gfk announce the return of their exceptional Best Brands awards

For this 2022 edition: 22 winners in 22 different brand categories

Each year, Serviceplan and GfK host an exceptional award gala during the early days of spring: the Best Brands Awards. Today, Serviceplan and GfK announce the return of the Best Brands Awards on 10th March 2022, both as a live event and a virtual – live-streaming - event. A total of 350 nominated brands will be competing for an Award as a “Best Brand” in their attributed category, and as the best Hybrid Brand.


Serviceplan’s Best Brands Awards

Best Brands is a brand ranking based on a representative empirical study conducted by GfK in several countries measuring the strength of a brand on two criteria: the actual economic success (Share of Wallet), and the psychological attractiveness of the brand in the perception of consumers (Share of Soul), who ultimately constitute its future success.

In Belgium, Serviceplan and GfK will join their forces to survey a representative sample of 5.000 consumers during the months of October and November 2021. The winners will be announced at Serviceplan and GfK’s annual Best Brands Awards Gala, on 10th March 2022.

A special new category for this 2022 edition: the Best Hybrid Brand

Usually, the Belgian Best Brands Awards recognize 21 winners out of 21 brand categories such as the automotive industry, food retail, drinks, IT, gardening, and many more. This year, the Serviceplan Group and GfK unveiled the theme of the year: hybridity. A hybrid brand is a brand which succeeds in combining the virtual and real worlds by having, on one side, an efficient touchpoint strategy (online and offline reach, balance, and quality) and an efficient content strategy of relevance, consistency, seamless experience, and personalization.

An extra brand category will thus be added for this edition, and Serviceplan will attribute an Award to the Best Hybrid Brand of the 350 originally-nominated brands.

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