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Very HOC News – October

We are quickly heading towards the end of the year, and we have already started the last business quarter. This period is always a good moment to look back a little bit, but also to look forward and think about future challenges & opportunities for our business. At this time of the year, we traditionally see surveys, barometers, etc. popping up. Serviceplan did not want to stay behind on this trend, so we launched our own “CMO Barometer” in several countries.

This survey, which is sent to the CMO’s of the most important brands in our region, is a tool that is completely integrated in the customer centric philosophy of Serviceplan Group. We are building best brands every single day of the year, and we do this together with the CMO of the brand and his or her team.

As an agency that builds best brands, we are positioning ourselves as a business partner for our clients, providing solutions to the challenges and opportunities of these brands. Therefore, it is good to know what the top challenges of all our clients and future clients will look like in the next 12 tot 24 months. That is exactly what we are asking in our “CMO Barometer”. Thanks to your input, we can better synchronize our agency’s offering to your needs as a marketeer and improve the role we play as a sparring partner in your task of building your brand and preparing it for the future.

The first results of the CMO Barometer have been analyzed and we are happy to share the summary of your ‘insomnia briefs’ for the future with you. What will be the hot topics that will lead CMO’s to not be able to catch their night rest? Not surprisingly, without disclosing all the results here in this edito, ‘Sustainability’ is a topic that every single CMO pushes forward as one of the most important brand challenges. Knowing this, I think that the future will bring a lot of purpose-driven projects to the marketing table.

Next to that we are of course more than happy to see that the main reason why CMO’s work with agencies is ‘Creativity’, but in the largest sense of the word. Can we call it inspiration? At Serviceplan we have transformed the ‘old school’ creativity in that form of innovation that pops when you combine different expertises of a modern agency, being technology, media, and creativity. We call this form of innovation ‘Übercreativity’. Why use the word innovation rather than creativity? Because best brands reinvent themselves constantly, because in VUCA-times change is the only constant factor and we need an ‘agile brand approach’, where the brand adapts itself to the consumer reality without losing its long-term purpose. Innovation being the first product of an agency creates value for brands, which are ready to transform themselves to be ready for the future and which have decided to stay in the minds and hearts of the consumer forever.

Serviceplan Group is Building Best Brands
Serviceplan is the largest owner and partner-managed agency group in Europe. In our House of Communication, the only fully integrated agency model, all manner of communication disciplines work under one roof; whether strategists, creatives, media, design or online specialists, CRM experts, market researchers or content specialists - at Serviceplan, everybody works together.The additional corporate brands within Serviceplan Benelux - Plan.Net, Mediaplus, Mediascale, Neverest and Solutions - also rank among the market leaders in their respective fields. What binds us all together is the passion to develop and to coach fascinating brands. Brands that are economically successful and that evoke emotions in the minds of consumers - in other words, Best Brands. Innovative communication is the path to this goal.
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