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Crealounge x L’Oréal

It’s been 7 years since Serviceplan Solutions and L’Oréal embarked on what has become a unique collaboration. Our mission is – and always has been – to efficiently implement brand communication for all four business divisions of L’Oréal in Belgium and The Netherlands in a brand-compliant manner. It is a win-win collaboration, we make it happen all together. More than 6000 projects a year, 20 colleagues, 4 divisions, 43 brands, 2 countries gathered around one unique ecosystem.

One process, four divisions

Since efficiency is key for us, we made it a priority to rationalize the production process and centralize the workflow into one ecosystem for both our clients’ team and ours. With our Crealounge tool, we can go from briefing to final layout in no-time. Through performance checks and intuitive data handling, we make sure that you are fully integrated into our systemic workflow in order to optimize our coordination.

To simplify, Serviceplan’s Solutions agency created an easy process that simplifies each step of your creative campaigns thanks to our tool Crealounge and its unique workflow.

“The platform is easy to use and the communication with the Serviceplan Solutions team is entirely via the platform, which is very practical. Plus, the team is super available, flexible and efficient, and they are really proactive and always looking for new ideas or points of improvement!”

Nisrine Yayouss, marketing coordinator CPD Makeup Benelux at L’Oréal

A devoted team

What makes this collaboration unique is not only our tool but also Serviceplan Solutions’ devoted team of experts. Some of our graphists have been working with L’Oréal for years and have built a strong knowledge of each brands identity, which they have been sharing with the new colleagues since the team kept growing over the past few years.

With worldwide campaigns being rolled out across the globe, we are your reactive ally to adapt those campaigns to our national market. Serviceplan Solutions is also able to come up with its own ideas, and create specific layouts and cre¬ation for local markets, keeping in mind the guidelines as well as the look & feel of each brand. We make sure to keep a coherence between every touch points we design, whether they are for specific retailers, events, etc.

One of our strengths is the variety of skills that our team has to offer. From prints with window stickers, displays and magazines to digital with banners, 3D mockups, motion design or packshot shootings. We made sure to build a team that could answer each one of our clients needs.

In house setting

With time, the collaboration was getting bigger and bigger, so the moment had come to settle a in house team who was working three days a week at L’Oréal’s office. In order to always improve the quality of our artworks, Solutions even implemented dedicated graphic designers for some of the divisions. This helped us make the project go faster and improve the communication between our project managers and their teams.

“My personal experience with CreaLounge is positive. The idea of working with a platform is less time consuming. The people I have contact with on their team are always available. Sometimes our demands are high or difficult to explain, so it is always a pleasure to communicate with them by phone to know how to create a better briefing so that the communication is on point trough the platform.”

Céline Ismailov, retail education assistant at L’Oréal

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