A word from our CEO about the automotive and beer sectors.

Which Belgian consumer does not know the brand Jupiler? First of all, our tiny country has a huge beer culture. This cultural heritage is part of our collective history but has also put us on the map in terms of international brands.


I think we all can remember the campaign for Stella, “mijn thuis is waar mijn Stella staat”…. Right in the heart of the consumer, creating the emotional link between a real Belgian heritage beer brand and the average Belgian household. We can say that in the meantime, almost 20 years later, Jupiler has taken this position as Belgian most famous beer brand. Our Best Brands ranking in the vertical sector of Beer brands confirms its popularity with the Belgian consumer.

Jupiler has invested the last 15 years in positive brand experiences by being present in sport partnerships and sponsoring of popular events. Soccer being one of Belgian most popular sports touching almost every Belgian citizen, was definitely a good target to develop Jupilers’ sponsoring strategy. Of course, the increasing success of our national Red Devils has only contributed to the popularity of the soccer game in Belgium, and helped Jupiler to be in pole position in the Best Brands ranking. We can definitely conclude – sorry ladies – that Jupiler is a man’s best friend… On top of being successful in the beer category, Jupiler also made it into the top 3 of Best Brands in the overall ranking of all brands, which definitely introduces the brand in the hall of fame of most popular Belgian brands.

Talking about the proximity of a brand with the Belgian consumer, then we definitely have to talk about another brand in a completely other category, but which has the huge coverage in the Belgian population and the overall popularity in common with the beer brand Jupiler, i.e. Volkswagen in the automotive sector.

Throughout the last 3 decennia Volkswagen could really develop and realise its historical purpose of being the car of the masses, of the people. Volkswagen has delivered without any mistake the expected Germand quality for the right pricing, ending up in a lot of value for reasonable money. Definitely a reason why so many consumers still turn their sympathy for the brand into their first choice when it comes to a new car purchase.

By building close and strong emotional relationships with the Belgian consumer, Volkswagen has succeeded in making to forget even the Diesel-Gate scandals. Would you not forgive a lot of things when it comes to best friends and close family? Add to that the Volkswagen brand has invested a lot of efforts and money into the sustainability topic, with its brand new assortment of electrical and plugin vehicles, but accessible for the average consumer and thus in this way you have the right mix for being a best brand: hot topic of sustainability, creating great brand experiences and building close and strong relationships with the Belgian consumer.

Well done and well deserved. Congrats to Volkswagen and Jupiler, two recurrent favourites of the Belgian consumer!

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