Jupiler is the Best Beer Brand.

Discover what Amaury Hayois, Marketing Manager Jupiler Benelux, has to say about being Best Beer Brand and its strong relationship with customers.

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How will you maintain this first place in the next few years?

Amaury Hayois:
Jupiler is the most popular Belgian pils and has been leading the beer and lager category for many years and we have the ambition to keep that N°1 position. We have a strategy that has been paying off for many years and we will make this one evolve to keep our brand highly appealing & relevant for our consumers.
We don’t want to say too much here, but it is key to be where consumers are, be part of their passion points as football, music, bbq and make sure we keep the brand exciting.

How did you manage the closure of horeca?

The closure of the horeca has been tough on everyone, especially for the bar & restaurant owners/entrepreneurs. As this channel is key for our success, the closure of horeca is tough on us as well.

We are doing a lot as a company to support the sector and have come-up with different initiatives as Café Courage, rent relief, donating mouth masks and sanitizers to our horeca partners, drive consumers to the horeca with the reopening with defer your birthday … But, consumptions has also shifted and increase in retail channels, where we have secure to be successful and present for our consumers.

You have a strong relationship with your customers, what is the origin of this?

Amaury: T
here are no secrets. Relationships take time to build and we will always remain close to our partners and customers, this is key for our joined success.

How do you manage to cope with so much competition in the beer market and how do you cope with the rise of craft beers?

Amaury: It all starts with very high-quality beers and brewing the best Belgian pils. As a brewer we have a very diverse portfolio and make sure we have a beer for every occasion. A beerlover will drink a pils when he wants to socialize and meet people over a beer, but might drink a degustation beer when he is in the mood for degustation or a non-alocholic beer when he wants the beertaste but not the alcohol.

““Beer is brewed with natural ingredients, so
sustainability ís our business.”
Amaury Hayois

Do you have any plans for innovation?

As a leader, we need to lead our beercategory and disrupt with new impactful innovation. We are constantly looking at new opportunities and have some innovation in the pipeline. Previous innovations were the cold grip can, ice cream of Jupiler, 100% recycled shrink,…

For the euro cup we are launching a Red version of the beloved Jupiler to enhance the supporter spirit of all Belgians. We work closely with our global innovation center in Leuven to make these ideas come to life.


Let’s talk sustainability: is your brand sustainable? Is this important to you?

It’s crucial: beer is brewed with natural ingredients, so sustainability ís our business. On top, as a leading beer brand in Belgium, we have a responsibility towards our consumer & the communities we operate in. We need to take into account our value chain to be a sustainable: from seed to sip.

By March 2022 Jupiler will be brewed with 100% renewable electricity, we invest in sustainable logistics like our Electric truck to deliver Jupiler to the bars & our hydrogen pilot with Colruyt Group for the supermarkets, create sustainable packaging (Jupiler cans contain 70% recycled content and 70% of all Jupiler cans have 100% recycled plastic shrink around them) and tackle issues towards our consumers such as our littering campaign in 2019 with Cara Pils. This way, we can create a sustainable future for Jupiler. We want to be a beer and a brand that is here for the next 100+ years.

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