Samsung is the Best Telecom Brand and the Best Consumer Electronics Brand.

Discover what Sven Adams, PR Manager Samsung Electronics, has to say about being Best Consumer Electronics Brand + Best Telecom Brand and why samsung is “the coolest” brand.

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How will you maintain this leading position in the coming years?

Sven Adams:  
Never change a winning team. Samsung is committed to a product strategy that puts every consumer and their needs first. We always strive for maximum user experience and new possibilities in line with our customers’ evolving lifestyle.

The Best Brands study is based on rational and emotional criteria. What are the most important criteria for you?

We find the combination of these two criteria important. The customer expects a brand to score well on both the rational and the emotional level. We are rational in our product innovation - only the best is good enough - and emotional when it comes to our customer experience. We are at the consumer’s service, meeting his or her needs quickly and efficiently.

Your score for meeting your consumers’ expectations is quite high. Did their expectations change in 2020?

Sven: 2020, and in particular the coronavirus pandemic and the fact that so many people were forced to work remotely, has changed consumer behaviour. Our in-house research has shown that consumers are investing in their home even more than before. It’s become their habitat, for both work and leisure, which is why people pay more attention to design, comfort and personalisation when purchasing something new. Against this background, we think Smart Home has plenty of potential for growth based on an open ecosystem of connected, smart devices. As a pioneer in connected smart devices, Samsung positions itself as a real partner in and around the house, with simple solutions that make people’s daily lives easier and more fun.

Your brand is recognised as the coolest brand in its categories. How do you maintain this image?

By continuing to focus on valuable, relevant innovation that is accessible to everyone and by expanding the consumer experience in every category with new possibilities that are tailored to everyone’s lifestyle. That’s what it’s all about, and that is what the customer rewards.

“Never change a winning team.”
Sven Adams

According to our research, you have many positive memorable experiences with your customers. How do you maintain this trust?

We value customer feedback on our products. It is the key concept in our customer experience: we use it as the basis for our innovations and take it on board. We continue to build positive product experiences by always responding to changing needs with the new products we launch.

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Can you give examples of innovations that make you stand out from the competition?

Our innovations are based on our customers’ needs. We start from their feedback instead of look at what the competition is doing. As such, we are trendsetters. We set the tone in terms of innovative, relevant technology, as a market leader across all product categories.

Is sustainability a priority at Samsung?

Obviously, the technology industry plays a unique role in the preservation of our planet. Samsung takes this role to heart as a leading global player. Energy efficiency has been at the heart of our design philosophy for years now, and we are constantly raising the bar. In addition to being energy-efficient, our products must also be made using recycled and environmentally-conscious materials where possible.

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