Guaranteed outcomes, quality and cookieless.

2021 will be crucial for the recovery and the transformation of the digital advertising industry. At Teads, we foresee 3 key trends to support brands and agencies: guaranteed outcomes, a transparent and premium media ecosystem, strategies that are ready for the cookieless area.

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With the current crisis, many advertisers have accelerated their digital transformation and focused on e-commerce, adapting their marketing strategy towards performance to drive a more immediate business impact. But strategies to drive consumers down the funnel don’t always have the desired outcomes, so it’s important to work with partners who can ensure ROI.  With its guaranteed outcomes, our ‘Teads Ad Manager’ platform allows marketers to buy campaigns with guaranteed results such as completed views or qualified visits, and addresses conversion goals such as add to basket or sales. In these difficult and uncertain times, these buying models bring a direct answer to new expectations: guaranteeing high performance at each stage of the conversion funnel, across the world’s best publishers.

In this regard, last year revealed major content regulation issues on social media, highlighting that it has never been more essential to continue to support the quality journalism. The good news for brands, is that consumption has continued to grow, meaning the opportunity for advertising in premium environments at scale has never been better. Trustworthy contents reassures users with a strong halo effect for brands seen in this safe and transparent context. This premium ecosystem has always been at the heart of Teads’ DNA, which unites and empowers the best publishers across the globe.

Finally, 2021 will be key to prepare for the cookieless world. At Teads we have built deep capabilities to understand how people consume and engage with premium editorial content. We have taken a privacy-first approach in using this unique knowledge to deliver non-intrusive personalization capabilities to our clients. Crucially, given how quickly regulation browser policies can change, none of our solutions are dependent on a single approach.

So we can quickly adapt and navigate any future updates without affecting our efficacy.  We are ready to guide you through this big transition and have developed a 12-month Cookieless Readiness program, consisting of educational series and test & learn media activations, leveraging Teads’ cookieless solutions.

Effective and sustainable targeting within a premium media ecosystem: these are the keys to the recovery with Teads.

“…the opportunity for advertising in premium environments at scale has never been better. ”

Diego Quesada

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