Miele is the Best Major Domestic Appliances Brand

Discover what Melissa Boeykens, Head of Brand & Digital, has to say about being Best Major Domestic Appliances Brand.

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How will you remain in that top position in 2021?

Melissa Boeykens:
We have 2 main ways of implementing a consumer-centred approach:
1. Relevant innovation – where we focus on the true needs of Belgians as well as the ecological factor;
2. Relevant communication – ‘immer besser’ where we aim at the younger generation of consumers.

Miele has the highest scores on “Different”. What do you do to distinguish yourselves from the competitors?

- Construction, R&D in Europe, in this way we have everything in hand;
- Miele is still a family business in which we think long term;
- Miele brings something to the market only when we can be sure it’s going to last. We have to use available resources optimally;
- devices have a design that allows for repair later on, and the spare parts are sure to be available for a longer period of time.

Research of Best Brands shows us that brand experience from Samsung scores a little higher compared to Miele. What steps will Miele take towards improving and enlarging positive experiences of your brand?

We will place even more focus on the consumer & how we can make his or her life more convenient (through innovation and communication) + we will invest in brand experience. We know that these things can make the real difference for future generations of Miele lovers. In the shops; In our cooking workshops; & online (social media).

It’s of great importance to Miele to let customers experience our devices themselves. Hence our decision to invest in our own Miele Experience Centres and Miele Centres where the consumer can discover everything about the device before moving on to the transaction process of buying the device. We have noticed that when someone takes the time to experience using our devices, they are convinced more rapidly.

We want to focus on investing in our cooking workshops as well, where the consumer can quickly become convinced of the Miele technology and how it can become a part of daily life. Here we mainly want to focus on ease of use, since we know how little time our consumers have these days.

“Research has shown us that people are really proud to own a Miele device.”
Melissa Boeykens

You have a brand recognition score of 96%. How do you reach the younger target groups?

This is also a point to focus on during 2021. We often see, for example, that a washing machine has been given by mother to daughter and we want to keep this tradition alive in the future. To do so, we have to invest in establishing a long-term relationship between Miele and the younger generation of consumers (for example being present where they are present on SoMe/invest in experience building etc…). Furthermore, our entry-level models will also play an important role here.

Moreover, we are also investing in connectivity and convenience, criteria that are becoming more and more important with regard to the purchasing of goods. Turning on your washing machine while lying on your sofa, the cooker hood that is configured automatically based on what is placed beneath it on the hob. Miele considers it important that its devices should help the consumer to make their daily lives easier, so there is more room for quality time.

Miele is in the top 10 of the most popular brands of Belgium, considering all categories together, and has the highest score on “first choice”. What do you do to stay at the top of people’s minds compared to your competitors?

M.B.: Our quality and sustainability give us a strong brand loyalty which is often expressed via word of mouth. We can see that, because of the strong brand positioning, once someone is convinced about his or her Miele, that consumer becomes a real brand ambassador and will encourage others. Research has shown us that people are really proud to own a Miele device. Our Miele dealers help to build this story. This also makes us incredibly proud, and we want to thank the consumers for voting for Miele.

Research from Best Brands shows us that most relationships between consumers and major domestic appliance brands are in danger. Miele, on the contrary, experiences very little risk in this area, how do you explain this?

M.B.: Miele has been building on the same values for years. These values are being acknowledged over and over by our clients. This benefits the constancy of the brand, helping us to build long term relationships with our clients.

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