“Sustainability is our DNA” A talk with Aveve.

Discover what Stéphanie Deleul, Communications Manager & Spokesperson Arvesta, has to say about being Best Hobby & Pet Retail Brand.

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How will you maintain this number 1 position in the coming years?

Stéphanie Deleul:
We’ll keep on investing in experiences, inspiration and the setting up of our new store concepts. Today our concept has been implemented in 40 stores and we’re planning on having it in a total of 70 of our new stores by the end of this year. It’s our objective to have all of our stores converted to the new concept by 2023.

You have the highest score in terms of Share of Wallet, but you come in second place in terms of Share of Soul. What do you plan to do to become a brand that is even more emotionally connected to its consumers?

We want to connect people by inspiring them with our products and by breathing life into our slogan: Hier Groeit Plezier. Especially in these times, people have the need to spend fun moments with their loved ones, like making bread with their kids, or starting a vegetable garden. These are quality moments and we at Aveve want to invest in them.

In its sector, Aveve has the highest score for the “Cross-Selling Potential” factor. Is it important for you to offer a diversified range of products and/or services?

Diversification is very important to us. We are not a store that only sells gardening products. We have a unique mix of products covering animals, gardens, baking and local delicacies. And this mix is the basis of our successful Aveve stores concept.

What is your digitisation strategy?

We launched our Click & Collect service last year, so that our customers can order online and pick up their product at the store. This has received some very positive feedback from our consumers and so, based on our analysis of our customers’ feedback, we’re adapting to their needs and moving forward accordingly in the e-adventure.

Let’s talk about sustainability: Aveve was ranked 3rd in the Best Sustainable Brand category. Is it your ambition to invest more in sustainability?

Sustainability has always been a part of our DNA at Aveve, and we’re certainly going to invest more in it. Sustainability starts at our logistics centres, where we use heat pumps, green plants, solar panels, and LED lighting. Our stores are also eco-friendly, as we are in the process of installing solar panels on the rooftops of all of them. We also encourage sustainability through our range of products: we’re putting local products in the spotlight. Each Aveve store works closely with a local farmer for the delivery of vegetables, fruits and soup. We also work with manufacturers of animal feeders that only use recycled plastic.

“We want to connect people by inspiring them with our products and by breathing life into our slogan: Hier Groeit Plezier. ”
Stéphanie Deleul

Aveve also performs very well on the “Equality Society” factor, with high results for positive contribution to society and attention to the health and well-being of employees. Can you tell us more about this aspect?

Our business is all about people. Especially in our stores. Our employees are appreciated by our customers and are known for their expertise. We aren’t just selling products in 250 of our stores, we also provide advice on any agricultural topic. A lot of customers come to our stores to ask our employees for advice. During lockdown, our stores have always stayed open and our employees were present every day, and we thank them for this.

Their well-being is of great importance to us, which is why we are investing in ‘Vita Arvesta’, an online platform where we challenge our employees to form virtual teams and do sports activities (walking, running, biking). There, we also provide advice about how to sleep well and eat healthily.

During the crisis, we sent several gifts to their homes to support them in these difficult times: a plant, a thank you note, Christmas decorations, a champagne bottle with a note. Everyone appreciates the gesture. We have also set up an Employee Assistance Programme, which is a helpline which people can call, free of charge, to talk about any personal or professional problem they are facing.

Finally, we provide exactly the same health benefits for all of our employees: everyone has the same pension plan and the same health insurance.So equality and well-being in the workplace are of the utmost importance for us and we will continue to invest in this in the years to come.

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