Royal Canin gets the highest score on Brand trust.

Discover what Anke Pennincx,  General Manager Royal Canin Benelux, has to say about being Best Pet Food Brand.

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How do you intend to keep that first place in 2021?

Anke Penninx:
By staying true to the dream we have been following since our founding over 50 years ago, and which has brought us to where we are today. Pets make our world a better place, so in turn we want to make a better world for cats and dogs. Like our founder, Veterinarian Jean Cathary, we are motivated today by the belief that a healthy life starts with good nutrition. We want to achieve this by providing our pets with what best suits their needs. Every cat and dog is unique and our ultimate dream remains to develop unique food for every cat and every dog.

It is above all the quality of Royal Canin’s products that is recognised. How do you ensure quality food for our four-legged companions?

The health and well-being of pets is Royal Canin’s absolute priority. We choose ingredients based on their high nutritional value and the health benefits they provide to pets. We have a responsibility to ensure that our products not only meet local laws and regulations, but also our strict global internal quality and food safety requirements.

All Royal Canin products are manufactured to the same high level of quality to meet global industry standards and over 20 other internal quality standards. Our compliance with these standards is evaluated several times a year, either internally or by external auditors.

We distribute and sell products only after they have undergone rigorous product testing (including many physical and chemical tests) to ensure the highest quality.

We focus our attention on the unique needs of cats and dogs. This obsession with detail allows us to provide well-tailored, effective nutrition and help them be their very best.

Have the consumers’ expectations changed since last year?

A.P.: We see pet owners spending much more time with their cat or dog. They are also much more active online in order to learn more. They don’t just listen to the existing experts in the pet world anymore. You can also see that there are higher expectations of us as a brand when it comes to transparency and the vision that you propagate.

More and more young people adopt a pet. How do you reach the younger generation?

Digital media is the place where the younger generation looks for information. Although this is not exclusive to the younger generation: we see it just as much in ‘older’ age groups. It is important that we ensure that we inform all these new and, of course, existing pet owners as best we can and help them to be the best owners they can be for their cat or dog. We have therefore invested a lot in offering relevant content in the past years. Our website should really be an essential source of information to help owners give the best care and attention to their cats and dogs through the various phases of their lives.

“It is crucial for us to stay true to who we are and what we stand for. And to be transparent about it.”
Anke Penninx

Royal Canin is the brand that scores best for the factor “Brand Trust”. How do you earn this trust?

It is crucial for us to stay true to who we are and what we stand for. And to be transparent about it. We are not led by human trends.  We put the needs of cats and dogs first in everything we do. We base nutrition on their needs, not ours. We know what those needs are through scientific research and collaboration with professionals such as veterinarians, scientists and breeders. Of our 8100 employees worldwide, more than 500 are qualified vets and nutritionists. We don’t just look at the science, but we also observe cats and dogs ourselves. Their behaviour is the best confirmation of our science in practice.

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