Bosch gets the highest score on the Design level.

Discover what Geert Van Meel,  Director Benelux Bosch Powertools, has to say about being Best DIY Brand.

Best brands

How will you maintain this number 1 position in the coming years?

Geert Van Meel: The corporate brand of Bosch and our clear understanding of the needs and obstacles of our users are also the basis for our future success and emotional connection with our users. Bosch has always been known for its comprehensive promise of superior quality and broad sense of responsibility. In addition to this, Bosch Power Tools has been focusing on user orientation and differentiated product brand strategies for DIY and professional users. We involve our users in the development of our products and services from the very beginning and continue to learn from them. Our goal is to offer products and services that fulfil our users’ needs. This is the key to our success.

How have you adapted to the expectations of your users since the health crisis?

G.V.M.: In the course of the last year, we have had to react to changes in the market environment as well as in user purchasing behaviour. Long before the start of the corona pandemic, Bosch Power Tools based its activities across the entire value chain on an agile set-up so that we could focus systematically on the users’ needs. This set-up ensured that we were able to successfully launch more than 100 products on the market. On top of this, we have been investing continually in the digitalisation of the sales and marketing processes and the flexibilisation of the value chain for many years and were thus ideally prepared for the increase in online purchases. For example, direct deliveries of online orders to consumers were made possible at very short notice, despite the restrictions of the previous months.

This has enabled the division to take advantage of the trend towards digitalisation and to actively shape the associated change. This affects both the sales channels and the company’s actual value proposal. For example, online purchases proved to be a major growth driver last year. Their share increased substantially and accounted for almost 25 percent of sales.

“The design of our products is also geared to the needs of our users”
Geert Van Meel

You get the highest score for the “Design” factor. How important is it for Bosch to meet user expectations in terms of design?

Diversification is very important to us. We are not a store that only sells gardening products. We have a unique mix of products covering animals, gardens, baking and local delicacies. And this mix is the basis of our successful Aveve stores concept.

What is your digitisation strategy?

Alongside other factors such as functionality, design is an aspect that is examined in user studies. The design of our products is thus also geared to the needs of our users.

Does innovation mean sustainability at Bosch?

Sustainability is a trend that is increasingly demanded by retailers and users. It is therefore one user need among many others that we take into account in the development of our products and services.

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